Move aside cows, here comes donkey milk! At Rs 5k to 7k per liter

10:14 AM May 24, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru: You must have seen dairy of only cow or buffalo milk so far, but very soon Dakshina Kannda will get a dairy of donkey milk. Yes! you read that right.


A software engineer from Ramanagara is planning to open a donkey milk dairy in Bantwal’s Manchi.

One liter donkey milk is priced at Rs 5,000 to 7,000 liter in India, while it cost arount 12,000 in foreign countries.

It is to be noted that donkey’s milk helps in boosting the immunity of human body.

Donkey milk has a long history of medicinal and cosmetic uses. Hippocrates reportedly used it as a treatment for arthritis, coughs, and wounds.


It has antimicrobial properties and is used as a folk medicine treatment for infections, including whooping cough, as well as viruses in parts of Africa and India.

Compared with milk from other dairy animals like cows, goats, sheep, buffalo, and camels, donkey milk most closely resembles human breast milk. In fact, it was first used in the 19th century to feed orphaned infants.

Donkey milk is more than a food item. It’s just as well known for its use as an ingredient in cosmetics. In fact, you’ll probably have much better luck finding donkey milk skin moisturizers and soaps than donkey milk beverages.

The proteins in donkey milk have the ability to attract and hold water, which makes it an excellent moisturizer. Cleopatra is said to have maintained her soft, smooth skin with donkey milk baths.


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