Mulki: Three injured in road mishap

02:04 PM Dec 07, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

In a harrowing accident near Mulki Junction on Highway 66, a lorry driver lost control of the vehicle, mounted the highway divider, and eventually rammed into the vehicles on the road.


The negligence of the lorry driver is believed to be the primary cause of the accident, resulting in injuries to three persons including a traffic police personnel.

The injured are currently undergoing treatment at a hospital.

The accident took place when the lorry was en route from Udupi to Mangaluru on Highway 66. Allegedly attempting to navigate through barricades installed to prevent highway accidents, the lorry driver lost control, veering onto the left side divider.

In the chaos, a traffic police officer on duty, identified as Geeta, was injured. The lorry continued onto the service road, colliding with a scooter rider and dragging the scooter along, eventually hitting an auto-rickshaw parked by the roadside. Ignoring the initial collision, the lorry continued over the right divider and finally came to a halt on the highway.


The aftermath of the incident left three individuals injured, with the scooter rider sustaining severe injuries, while the other two escaped with minor injuries. Both a scooter and an auto-rickshaw suffered damage in the process.

Adding to the drama, a group of laborers sitting on the side of the service road had a narrow escape as they fled in fear for their lives when the incident unfolded. The entire sequence of events was captured by a local CCTV camera, and the footage has since gone viral.

Authorities from Mangaluru North Traffic Police and Mulki Police swiftly responded to the scene, conducting a thorough investigation to ascertain the circumstances leading to the accident.


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