Mumbai Police band plays cover of Egyptian song Ya Mustafa

11:25 AM Apr 12, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

On their eponymous YouTube page Khaki Studio, the Mumbai Police band ‘Khaki Studio’ released a brand-new instrumental cover of the iconic Egyptian song Ya Mustafa on Monday.


No law enforcement branch in India comes close to matching Mumbai Police’s sense of humour, sometimes sympathy, and social media appeal for being relatable. However, following two outstanding concerts in less than a month, the city police department’s band has taken over the internet.

It was previously Srivalli from Allu Arjun’s well-known film Pusha: The Rise. The Mumbai Police Band has now shared a video of them performing Ya Mustafa on the Khaki Studio.

Clarinet, flute, saxophone, and trumpets are among the instruments played by the band members.

“’Ya Mustafa’, is a well-known multilingual song from Egypt, composed by famous Egyptian Musician Mohamed Fawzi to feature in an Egyptian movie, and which has then been recorded in many different languages for its unique and catchy tunes. Several different versions, including parodies, have been recorded. The song first became popular in Europe with the help of singer Bob Azzam, who released it in 1960 in France,” Mumbai Police wrote.
People on the internet have been mesmerized by the 2-minute and 14-second performance, which has received a rush of compliments.

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