Must try easy to make cocktail recipe: Christmas edition

11:22 AM Dec 13, 2020 | Shivani Kava |

It’s the last month of the year and let’s face it, 2020 has been a very crucial year. Since most of us won’t be attending parties outdoors doesn’t mean you cannot be celebrating the festive season of Christmas with your loved ones.


We at Udayavani English have curated five easy to make cocktail recipes to toast to surviving the pandemic and to host an appetizing party with signature drinks.


Classic Martini


Ingredients required: Ice, 50 ml Gin or vodka, Dry vermouth, Olive or lemon twist, Martini glasses

Procedure: Fill shaker with ice, combine gin or vodka with a splash of dry vermouth (Add less if you want your martini to be dry). Stir well. Pour and garnish with an olive or a twist of lemon.


Long Island Iced Tea

Ingredients required: 25ml of light rum, 25ml of vodka, 25ml of gin, 25ml of tequila, 25ml of lime juice, Coke.

Procedure: Mix all the ingredients with the lime juice in a tall glass. Stir well and add ice. Top the glass with coke. Mix well and serve.


Whiskey Sour

Ingredients required: 60ml whiskey, 20ml lime juice, 20ml sugar syrup, 1 egg white (Pineapple juice for vegetarians)

Procedure: Make a mixture of lime juice and sugar syrup. Add the egg white and whiskey. Dry shake all the ingredients in a shaker till it is foaming. Add ice and shake well.  Strain the mixture on a chilled glass and serve.

Piña Colada

Ingredients Required: 50ml of white rum, 25ml of coconut cream, 25ml of single cream, 200ml of pineapple juice.

Procedure: Mix all of the ingredients together and serve over ice.

Pink Rudolph

Ingredients required: 60ml Whisky, 15ml Monin Blood Orange, 15ml Lime Juice, Egg White (Optional)

Procedure: Add all the ingredients and ice cubes in a shaker and shake well. Strain the contents in a chilled glass and then rim the glass with orange peel in a way the orange oil sticks to it. Garnish the drink with orange peel and serve.







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