Nada Habba: Here is all you need to know about Dasara Elephants

01:11 PM Oct 26, 2020 | Team Udayavani |
The Dasara procession on Monday, marks the finale of festivities. The procession will be just across 270m due to the pandemic. It is confined to the Mysuru Palace and will be witnessed by only 300 people. Tusker Abhimanyu will make its debut with the golden howdah. Arjuna, who has been the lead elephant and the carrier of the Golden Howdah at the Mysuru Dasara from 2012 will be replaced by Abhimanyu, who is currently the strongest elephant in Mattigodu elephant camp. Arjuna had tuned 60 which is why 54-year-old Abhimanyu will take up the vital role this year. Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa will be performing puja at the Nandi Dwaja near Balarama Gate of the Palace, in the auspicious Makara Lagna between 2.59 pm and 3.20 pm. The most important aspect of Dasara is Jamboo Savari meaning procession on the elephant. Earlier the king used to sit on the elephant, in the golden Howdah and go in the procession. After the cancellation of princely state the practice of taking an idol of Chamundeshwari In the procession started.The first elephant to carry the Ambari was Jayamartanda. It is said that there has rarely been any trouble with elephants, except omce when one of the elephant got scared by the firecrackers. But it was immediately brought to control. As reported by Newsable, Usually two female elephants move on either side of the main elephant carrying Howdah. It is said that if female elephants are by the side the male elephants do not get angry. The female elephants that move on either side of the male elephants are called Kumki. Each elephant needs 300 kg of food daily. Leaves, fruits, vegetables, butter, paddy, sugarcane, glucose are mixed, made into balls and fed to elephants. This is called Kusure. Elephants drink about 150 litres of water per day. They walk around 15 kg per day. Also, The elephants have a distinct language and the Mahouts and Kavadi, the assistant communicate with that language. It is a mix of Urdu, Persian and Kannada. This time only five elephants led-by captain Abhimanyu will take part in the procession. Other elephants that are taking part in the event are Vikram, Kaveri, Gopi and Vijaya. Normally, 10 or 12 elephants used to participate in Jamboo Savari. The final leg of the Dasara festivities in the palace will be the Jamboo Savari with the star elephant Abhimanyu carrying the idol of Chamundeshwari on the golden howdah. CM will offer puja by showering flower petals along with other dignitaries during Kumbha lagna between 3.40 pm and 4.15 pm, as 21 cannon shots will be fired and the National Anthem is played.

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