'Nausena Bhawan' symbol of 'Naya Bharat': Navy chief Admiral Kumar

12:45 PM Mar 24, 2024 | PTI |

‘Nausena Bhawan’ — the new state-of-the-art headquarters of the Indian Navy — is not just a building but a symbol of ‘Naya Bharat’ and ‘Nayi Nausena’, Navy chief Admiral R Hari Kumar has said.


Located in Delhi Cantonment, the sprawling complex is equipped with modern facilities and cutting-edge technologies.

On Saturday, Admiral Kumar held a press meet at the new ‘Nausena Bhawan’, the first media interaction at the complex since its inauguration last week by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

”This building is not just a building, but a symbol of ‘Naya Bharat’ (new India) and ‘Nayi Nausena’ (new Navy) and the progress of both our nation and the Navy. Inspired from maritime heritage of Bharat and modern history of Indian Navy, it indeed represents aspirations of a rising Bharat as well as the rising maritime consciousness of our country,” he said.

In his address, the Navy chief said the modern landmark also represents ”our resurgence as a maritime power”.


”I would say, this building is actually a representative of ‘Naye Bharat ki Nayi Nausena aur Nayi Nausena ki nayi soch ka pratik’ (new navy of new India, and new thinking of new navy). That is what it symbolises,” he said.

The multi-storey building has three wings, and the press interaction was held at the Seafarers Hall located in the Central Wing.

The foyers has a round cross-section, with a compass depicted in at its centre.

The logo of the India Nay with its motto ‘Shan No Varunah’ has been prominently displayed on the facade and in the foyer area.

The press interaction largely centred around the 100 days of ”sustained operations” by the Navy at seas in executing anti-piracy, anti-drone and anti-missile operations under ‘Op Sankalp’ in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and north Arabian Sea and sea off the east coast of Somalia.

”This is a testament to a new and confident Indian Navy, and we are trying to wear the new identity of Bharat,” he said.

Defence Minister Singh on March 15 had inaugurated the ‘Nausena Bhawan’. It marked a significant milestone for the Navy as it has established its ”first independent headquarters in Delhi”.

Previously, the Navy operated from 13 different locations, necessitating a consolidated and purpose-built facility such as the ‘Nausena Bhawan’, the defence ministry said in a statement earlier.

The inauguration represented a significant step forward for the Indian Navy, providing a centralised and technologically advanced headquarters that reflects the nation’s commitment to maritime excellence and national security.

The architectural design of the complex was selected through a ”rigorous all-India competition process”, ensuring the building’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The building incorporates innovative construction technologies to optimise efficiency and sustainability, officials said.

Efforts toward energy and water conservation are evident throughout the complex, with the integration of solar generation systems and advanced building materials.

”The hybrid reinforced cement concrete construction system enables the construction of large spans with maximum speed, while the building’s design emphasises integration with natural elements through landscaped gardens and internal courtyards,” the ministry said.

Internally, the ‘Nausena Bhawan’ boasts a comfortable and congenial atmosphere facilitated by central heating, ventilation and air conditioning system utilising advanced oxidation plasma technology, it said.

Moreover, the complex is equipped with a state-of-the-art integrated building management system, ensuring efficient coordination and monitoring of security services and utility systems, officials said.

The building has achieved a green rating IV under the Integrated Habitability Assessment, underscoring its commitment to sustainable practices.

Additionally, the complex features a comprehensive three-tier security system, including technologies such as automatic underbelly scanning of vehicles, power fence, face recognition cameras, bollards, vehicle stoppers, access control, and security cameras.

In line with modern office practices, the ‘Nausena Bhawan’ is equipped with extensive IT infrastructure supported by UPS systems, promoting a paperless work environment and meeting the stringent network requirements of the Navy.


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