Netizens thank electric racket as mosquito season nears

12:11 PM Mar 25, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

As the lengthy summer season descends upon India, it brings with it a long-standing annoyance that has done nothing but raise people’s ire. Of course, we’re referring to the buzzing of mosquitoes that cover our homes and parks in hotter climates.


Mosquitoes can be eliminated in a variety of ways. From spraying insecticide cans to lighting a camphor fire in your room, just one method has gained widespread acceptance: the mosquito-killing electric racquet.

The racquet is a safer alternative to insect repellents, which can emit hazardous chemicals and smoke. In a nutshell, it gets the job done.

Have you ever wondered who created this amazing equipment?

Well, you can thank the Taiwanese for that. Tsao-I Shih, a Taiwanese inventor, is widely credited with developing the contemporary mosquito racket, which he patented in 1996. An “electronic insect-killing swatter” was the term he used.


Of course, the technology has been duplicated, and we can now buy a racquet for as little as Rs. 200, but the manufacturer’s reliability and durability are factors to consider. The Godrej HIT racquet is one of the racquets that has been doing the rounds on the internet. It’s been found to be incredibly dependable, and it comes with a long warranty.

Kunal Kapoor, an Indian actor and model, praised the invention of the racquet on Twitter.

He wrote, “One of the greatest tech inventions of the last decade.”

His tweet started a banter on the internet. Below is what netizens had to say.

Mosquitoes have been a bother to many of us, and now that the summer season is upon us, we might as well put an “electronic insect-killing swatter” by our bedside table to keep us free of the annoying buzzing and, more significantly, the infections.


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