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08:15 AM Oct 10, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

For half a century, Udayavani has grown from being just a newspaper to being the voice of the people, creating a new wave in the press media.


Through its assorted writings, Udayavani has given relief to readers’ sorrows as well as expressed joys of its readers’ achievements. But, modern means have brought in the winds of change, and “Sandhyavani” took shape as its new voice.

Sandhyavani: A New Dawn

The podcasts beckoned ever-popular ‘Sandhya Mami’ to add the flavor of her sweet voice to her varied writings and mesmerizing stories. Dr. Sandhya S Pai’s narration of children’s stories and fables, health and lifestyle advice, and some selected stories from Ramayana continue to delight our listeners.


Transcending boundaries; Dr. Sandhya S Pai adds new dimension to tales

Sandhyavani is a platform that explains the deep and profound principles in simple, and easy to grasp stories. Tough metaphysical questions on life, have been simplified through inventive new children’s moral stories. The program meticulously sows deeply meaningful ideas in easy-to-understand language and awakens a new consciousness within us.

This podcast, voiced by Dr. Sandhya S Pai, has a fan base that transcends borders for the past year and a half.

Presenting new podcasts “Recharge & Relax” 

The success of ‘Sandhyavani’ now heralds the beginning of a new chapter.  Mr. Badekkila Pradeep, Karnataka’s famed voice-over artist, has come forward to entertain you on our platform. The iconic background voice of the famous TV show ‘Bigg Boss’ will reach you through Udayani’s podcasts – “Recharge & Relax.”

Badekkila Pradeep

The shining multi-talented artist, Pradeep, is a writer, reporter, model, radio jockey, and background voice artist who has nearly 30,000 programs to his credit.

About the New Platform:

When life throws you a curveball or when the mundane activities dull your senses, this new platform opens the doors for new rays of hope and possibilities. In the ebbs and flows of fast-paced modern life, “Recharge” will help kick start your day with great motivation, deep introspection and face the hurdles life throws at you. “Relax” will help to get along with the rest of your day with joy, music, and comfort.

Udayavani presents What’s this?

UVlisten is Udayavani’s new platform (website) for hosting exclusive podcasts. You can easily find the already published podcasts by Dr. Sandhya S Pai as well as Badekkila Pradeep’s new podcasts (From October 10).

Type on a computer, laptop, or mobile and listen to our podcasts from anywhere, anytime!

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