NIA exposes terror plot; Arafat Ali planned to attack Kadri temple

11:44 AM Sep 16, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has uncovered a sinister plot, masterminded by Arafat Ali, a native of Shivamogga, who was apprehended on Thursday. The NIA has confirmed that the accused had set his sights on conducting an attack on the revered Kadri temple in the city.


In an official press statement released on Thursday, the NIA disclosed that Arafat Ali had been orchestrating these nefarious activities from overseas. He was identified as the mastermind behind several significant incidents, including the Shivamogga trial blast, the Mangaluru cooker bomb blast, and acts of wall graffiti.

One individual who drew inspiration from Arafat Ali was Shariq, who prepared himself to carry out a cooker bomb blast. A prior case of wall graffiti had been registered in the town, with Maaz Munir and Yasin implicated in the act. Arafat Ali was found to be the instigator in this case as well. Subsequently, trial blasts were conducted in Shivamogga.

The culmination of these efforts saw Shariq, in collaboration with Arafat Ali, plotting to execute a cooker bomb blast. However, the plan took a disastrous turn when the cooker bomb prematurely exploded while being transported by Shariq in an auto-rickshaw. At the time of the explosion, the exact target of Shariq’s nefarious intentions remained unclear.

Following the incident, Shariq was taken into custody and later recovered in the hospital. NIA officials promptly escorted him to Bengaluru for further investigation into the unsettling turn of events.


This revelation by the NIA underscores the critical importance of vigilance and proactive law enforcement in safeguarding public spaces and places of worship from potential threats.


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