No buses from Mularpatna to Muthur suspension bridge!

01:51 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |
  • No connection since the bridge collapsed

Yedapadavu: Several months have passed since Mularpatna Bridge collapsed. But the problem of no buses coming to the area still persists causing much undue trouble to the localites. Since the bridge collapsed, there is no road connection between Mularpatna in Bantwal and Ganjimata, Kuppepadavu, Margadangady and Muthur. The public is suffering due to this loss of connection. There are 8 private buses that ply to Ganjimata, Kaikamba, Yedapadavu, Bajpa and Surathkal areas. These buses which stop on the new road constructed near Muthur School, terminate their journey here and return.


Similarly, there are 2 private buses and 2 KSRTC buses from the mosque close to Mularpatna, where the bridge has collapsed. There are many trips between Mularpatna and B C Road.  Of them, one bus plies from Mularpatna to Kaikamba via Kolattamazal and Polali. 2 KSRTC buses from here, ply via B C Road to Statebank. Since the bridge collapsed, the number of bus passengers has decreased and in turn has become a problem to the bus owners.

Buses do not ply till suspension bridge

Buses from B C Road come only till the mosque near Mularpatna, take a U-turn and leave. Even though a road has been created from the mosque to the suspension bridge, the buses refuse to go till there. Hence, the people wanting to go to Muthur are compelled to walk the distance of a kilometer from the suspension bridge to catch the bus. The new road has been equipped with drainage, but it is not strong. Besides, the width of the road is narrow which only amplifies the problem, say the localities.

Since the buses do not ply till the suspension bridge, though there is enough space near the bridge for the buses to do a U-turn, the localites are forced to face much trouble. If there is anything heavy to be transported, it has to be transported only by carrying them. But auto-rickshaws ply between the bridge and the mosque. When the bridge had collapsed, the district commissioner had visited the spot and had ordered the buses to ply till the suspension bridge, but till date the buses have not come, say the localities.


When the bridge had collapsed, team after team of officials and politicians visited the location, but never returned later. Besides, they even failed to ask the people’s problems. They did not even attempt to gather information on the development that have taken place here, accuse the residents.

Notice to vehicle owners

“The issue on buses not plying from Mularpatna to the suspension bridge will be verified. Buses failing to come till there will be identified and notice will be sent to the motor vehicles owners,” said Ramesh Vernekar, Deputy Transport Commissioner, RTO Mangaluru.

Article by Girish Malali, translated to English by Aaron Dmello.


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