No Modi wave in sight, our govt will continue even after LS polls: DK Shivakumar

11:24 AM Apr 21, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Bengaluru: Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister and KPCC president D K Shivakumar claimed that BJP is not gaining traction and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wave is nowhere to be seen – not only in Karnataka but also across South India.


Instead, a significant wave of Congress support is evident throughout the state. The same atmosphere that the party enjoyed during the last assembly elections is palpable in the current Lok Sabha polls, he said.

In a special interview with “Udayavani” about the Lok Sabha elections, Shivakumar reflected on state and national political developments. “The Congress government will remain secure in the state even after the results of the Lok Sabha elections. There is no doubt about this; the JD(S) is spreading this kind of misinformation to protect their party’s MLAs and workers. There is no need to worry at all.  We have successfully implemented our five guarantees, what were they (central govt) doing for 10 years,” he asked.

Here is the full interview:

You have participated in many campaign meetings of the first phase constituencies, how is the public response?


It is known that people are brought to political meetings, functions, rallies, and roadshows. But now people are coming voluntarily to Congress conventions, especially women and youngsters are seen more often. Apart from that, people from every caste, religion, and community are coming to Congress conventions in large numbers, so is that not a popular response? The party has received unprecedented support wherever it has gone. That is why I said that there is a big wave in favor of Congress in the state.

Besides the guarantees, what other aspects will you highlight to appeal for people’s votes in the Lok Sabha elections?

Guarantee schemes like Shakti, Annabhagya, Gruha Lakshmi, Gruha Jyoti, and Yuva Nidhi have reached every household in the state in one way or another. Thus, we have reached 1.20 crore families in the state. Rs 52 thousand crores are being spent on guarantees. As announced in the budget, development works in many departments including irrigation, education, health, public works, and social welfare have been ongoing continuously, and nothing has stopped. BJP and JDS are merely spreading slander.

But, BJP says your guarantees are temporary, Modi’s guarantees are permanent?

First, let them stop the price rise and give jobs to crores of unemployed. Let the farming community, which is facing many problems including falling prices, be protected. Especially let the injustice and fraud done to the farmers by some policies of the central government be corrected. Then let the BJP talk about which guarantees are temporary and which are permanent. They are unable to digest our guarantees, and hence the criticism.

So, the state has not gotten anything from the BJP government?

Instead of saying that we have not received anything, it is best to ask why the three important irrigation (drinking) projects of the state such as Mahadayi, Mekedatu, and Bhadra projects have not been given permission and approval from some departments of the Centre. Not even a single paisa has been allocated in the central budget for the Bhadra scheme. This is why we said, this is all ‘Chombu’ (empty mug).

It is said that even after asking the minister, he did not dare to contest. Finally, the minister’s children were given tickets, were there no other candidates?

The party wanted a senior and experienced minister like Dr. H C Mahadevappa to contest in the Lok Sabha. All the MLAs of the constituency came together and said that Mahadevappa was the right candidate. Other than this, there was no discussion about any ministerial contest. But Mahadevappa said he wants to continue in state politics, so his name was not considered. All of the candidates are party workers rather than sons and relatives of ministers. Thus, young faces are allowed to shape the future leadership.

Has the BJP-JDS alliance candidate Dr. CN Manjunath’s contest disturbed the sleep of the Congress?

See, there is a big difference between a profession and social service. Dr. Manjunath has done his duty as a government servant. There is nothing great about it. All the governments have stood and worked to support the growth of the Jayadeva Hospital.

But no Lok Sabha member in the country can match the works and achievements done MP DK Suresh for the constituency in the last 5 years. I say this with pride and courage. When a state MP who was a minister at the center died of COVID-19, this BJP government could not bring his body to the state and perform the last rites. But D.K. Suresh carried out the last rites, without fearing for his life. He responded to the people’s needs, be it supplying medicines or getting patients admitted to hospitals. Do you know what has been done in the employment guarantee scheme? What did Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy do?

Didn’t Deve Gowda say that the Congress government will collapse after the Lok Sabha elections?

Even after the election results are out on June 4, our government will be secure. No doubt about it. But after the result, JD(S) will either split or merge with BJP. Only Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy have gone with the BJP, the party activists have not agreed to this alliance, wait and see what happens with the JDS.

If you win this election, whose shoulders will carry the success, and if you lose, who will bear the responsibility?

There is no question of losing at all. We will definitely succeed.

What do you say about the recent allegations made by Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy?

I still have respect for both of them. But there is simply no room for personal abuse. They are accusing me of backstabbing. Backstabbers are seated next to them, don’t they have any dignity or respect? I have no fear, no matter what accusations are made against me. Let them file a complaint and get it investigated – I am ready for it. It is a matter of self-respect for me.

Translated from Kannada interview by M N Gurumurthy


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