No route to go back home!

01:52 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

Puttur: Home and family in Madikeri, education in Puttur. It is not possible to go that side and the mind does not agree to remain here. This is the predicament of the students from Kodagu pursuing their education at the various educational institutions in Puttur.


There is a fear of the present condition of the land known for its beauty is. There is an overwhelming feeling to rush towards family members and enquire about their wellbeing. The mind will find peace only if one sees with one’s own eyes. But what to do? There is no road to Kodagu!

The parents of a few students are completely stuck in dangerous conditions. Parents of another few students have partially lost their properties. If a few have taken sanctuary at a relative’s places, the other few have reached the gruel centres. In this backdrop, it is almost impossible to find the whereabouts of one’s relatives, friends and acquaintances, say the students giving words to their pain.

Dam shutters were opened during the midnight

Yakshit from Kushalnagar says, our house is at a distance of 7 kms from Harangi Dam. I had gone home since it was a holiday. On August 14th, late in the night around 2 a.m., the sirens began to blare and at 2:30 a.m. the dam shutters were opened. The water which flowed in full force washed away houses. Later a team arrived and took us to a safe location.


Father, mother, younger sister are at a relative’s place. After realizing that all were safe, I came to the college via Tekkil-Panatturu road. I will go back home in another 2-3 days. It is impossible for the family to come this side. However, they can be reached through phones, which gives peace to my mind, he said.

Army rescued

Bishan Bellyappa says, I had gone back home since there were continuous holidays. I belong to Kaluru village near Mandalapatti. On August 13th, landslide started at Makkanduru-Madenadu. On August 15th, landslip also occurred in Kaluru. Since we were in the town region, there was no problem. But, 12 acres’ coffee estate and close to 100 relatives were there. On August 16th, when there were a massive landslide, uncle and those with him, left everything and fled. Then, a pregnant woman with an 8 days-old baby died. A few others also lost their lives. Others were rescued by the army after they had fled for 8 kms. Of the 12 acres land, 10 acres have been destroyed. I came to college with my father yesterday, he says.

Entire village disappeared

Since August 12th itself, the landslide had started in Madenadu. On August 14th, my father went to the town to fetch some vegetables that is when the reality that the entire village had collapsed was realized. Later, around 200 people including father, mother younger sister and others were taken to the gruel centre. Though nothing happened at the place where our house existed, we were transferred for safety reasons. Receiving the news that they are safe itself, gives me peace, says Shivali.

Getting scared

Vibha Biddappa from Mukkodu is a student of St. Philomena College. Father, mother and younger sister are among those affected in Madikeri. When the incident occurred everything went berserk; there was no information leading to much fear. On August 19th, I reached my family by phone. The army had transferred them to safety. Of the 24 acres of land, I do not know how much remains. Parents are at a relative’s place. They will return back to Mukkodu after a span of one month, she said.

Should go back home

Our house was on top of Makkanduru hill. A part of the hill has completely collapsed. Nothing has happened to the place where the house is. Father-mother are now at a relative’s place. I am planning to go back home in a few days, says Pooja.


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