On camera, doctor consumes cow dung and claims that it cleanses the body, mind, and soul

11:03 AM Nov 18, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

Many Indians think that cow dung and urine may heal them, but science disagrees. However, a doctor has now stepped forward to back up the claim. In a video that has gone viral, a doctor named Dr Manoj Mittal can be seen eating cow excrement, presumably at a cow shelter. He is an MBBS MD and a kid specialist in Haryana’s Karnal, according to his Twitter page.


He picks some cow dung from the ground and puts it in his mouth in the video.

While he appeared to enjoy eating the cow excrement, he also touted its health benefits, claiming that drinking cow’s pee and eating cow dung prevents the spread of several deadly diseases.

He went on to say that ladies should eat cow dung to have a normal delivery, and that if they do, they will never need a caesarean.

He says,  “Every part of Panchagavya obtained from the cow is very valuable for mankind. See, if we eat cow dung, then our body and mind become pure. Our soul becomes pure. Once it enters our body, it purifies our body.”


People raised a variety of questions after a video of the doctor went viral on social media. While a few people agreed with him, the majority of people questioned his doctorate and insulted him.




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