Online registration process simplifies mandatory HSRP requirement for new vehicle buyers in India

12:10 PM Mar 21, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru: The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued a new mandate for all new vehicle buyers in India.


As per the new regulation, a Highly Secure Registration Plate (HSRP) is mandatory before any vehicle can be taken on the road.

Under the new system, a valid registration number plate must be installed on the vehicle before it is delivered to the buyer. The registration number can be generated automatically online once the buyer has made the payment.

However, customers who wish to obtain a unique registration number can visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and pay an additional fee for the service.

Despite the new rule, some buyers are reportedly unaware of the regulation and are pressuring vehicle dealers to deliver their new vehicles immediately upon payment. Dealers have expressed concerns that they are being unfairly blamed for the delay in delivery, as the mandate has been issued by the government and not by the dealer.


To avoid any legal issues or fines, it is imperative that all new vehicle buyers comply with the new regulation and ensure that their vehicle has a valid HSRP before taking it on the road. With the entire process now online, obtaining a registration number has become more streamlined and efficient for all new vehicle buyers in India.


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