People friendly policing & maintaining law and order top priority, says Udupi SP Dr Arun K

10:39 AM Sep 12, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

Udupi: IPS officer Dr. Arun K, has recently assumed the charge as the new Superintendent of Police in the district.


Within a week of assuming office, he has implemented various changes in the law and order system to make the department more people-friendly and to combat illegal activities. In an interview with “Udayavani,” he discussed the upcoming initiatives.

Q: Can illegal gambling, Matka and sand mining be controlled?

A: We have made efforts to shut down the illegal gambling clubs and Matka across the district. Bars and pubs have been instructed not to operate beyond permitted hours. However, if any such activities persist, the public is encouraged to report them. The police have been directed to crack down on illegal sand mining. All illicit activities in the district will be suppressed within a week, ensuring legal businesses can operate without hindrance.

Q: How do you plan to prevent drug menace?


A: A specialized operation will be launched to combat drugs, including ganja. Ongoing awareness campaigns are already being conducted by the police in schools and colleges. Station inspectors have been tasked with gathering information about drug peddlers and taking necessary actions to apprehend them.

Q: What about moral policing?

A: There should be no room for anyone subverting the law. If such instances arise, citizens should promptly inform the police. Otherwise, actions will be taken against those engaging in illegal activities.

Q: How will cybercrime be controlled?

A: Additional training will be provided to existing staff to bolster the capabilities of cyber police stations. All stations will be equipped to receive complaints regarding cybercrime cases. In case a complaint is not attended to, I can personally be informed. The department has already been equipped with advanced tools to detect cybercrimes. Expert assistance will be sought if needed.

Q: Will there be any special operations?

A: A special operation is imperative for upholding the law. This ensures everyone remains vigilant. Similar to the past Operation Sunset, extra checkposts will be set up and monitored in specific areas under special circumstances.

Q: What about improving traffic flow? Will any action be taken?

A: Areas with high traffic congestion and accident-prone zones will be identified in the district. A progress review meeting will be conducted soon to gather relevant information. Appropriate measures will be taken for the installation of traffic signals and CCTV cameras in key parts of the city, utilizing CSR funds or other forms of cooperation. Instructions have been issued to further strengthen the highway patrol system.

Q: Can we expect the women’s station to be reinforced?

A: Certainly. Measures will be taken to enhance the women’s station. The possibility of forming a special force or team will also be explored.

“The beat system has already been expanded in the district. All police personnel have been instructed to prioritize law and order. However, if any breaches occur, the police from the respective station will conduct an investigation and appropriate action will be taken. Disciplinary measures will be implemented against anyone found guilty of corruption,” – Dr. Arun K, Udupi District Superintendent of Police

In case of any lack of response or complaints from local stations regarding public issues, the Superintendent of Police can be contacted via call or WhatsApp message at the following number:  9480805401.


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