Permission for movie shooting to get easier!

01:44 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru: There are enough number of Tulu movies coming in Karavali and along with this, people from various corners of the nation, impressed by the tourist locations here, arrive with the aim to do budget shooting. But, once the film team is here, it only ends up facing shock once they realize the fee they have to pay to shoot here..!


This is so because, in order to shoot at Sultan Battery and other individual tourist locations, a hefty sum has to be paid as fee to the relevant departments to avail their permission for the shoot. Besides, even after paying the fee, one has to wait for days together for the permission..!

Coastalwood industry which is facing such problems has no now seen some hope in the union government’s new budget. It has been mentioned in the budget that a single rule must be implemented for providing permission for shooting cinema. For now, this rule is in place for foreigners shooting in India. The aim of the budget is to implement the same rule for Indians shooting for movies within the country.

By the way, a single permission is provided through the news department in Karnataka for now. In other words, to shoot a movie, the permission may be availed by paying the required fee to the news department and then shooting can he conducted. The central office of the department is in Bengaluru and shooting may be conducted after availing the permission. In this way, if shooting has to be done on Mangaluru roads after availing permission, one has to take permission from Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC), traffic police department and many other departments. This is a big headache while shooting a Tulu movie.

Separate departments are in-charge of individual tourist destinations. If shooting has to be conducted there, the permission has to be availed from the relevant department itself after paying the required fee. For shooting at temples it’s the Muzarai department, at forest its forest department, at archeological sites it’s the ASI and hence permission has to be availed from several departments. But, as one has to wait for days together, it is causing problem to Tulu movie teams. In such a situation, the central government’s budget has given hope. But, it is yet to come to knowledge what rules will be added to this single window rule.


Provision of discount would be good

Currently, permission has to be availed from various departments to shoot a movie. It will be good and easier if all this can be made available at a single place. Since Karavali is regional, provision of discount will be good, said tulu movie director Devdas Kapikad.

Permission from various departments is required

“This rule might be useful for those going to different states for shooting. For now, there is a single window rule in the state, but it is not getting implemented properly. Though it is being said that permission from the news department is enough, there is a need to get permission from various departments,” said Rajesh Brahmavar, president of tulu movie producers association

Rules remain to be understood

“In the backdrop of a single window rule permission is being given through the news department in Karnataka for now. Now the union government has also mentioned about a single window rule in the budget. The rules in this proposal remain to be understood,” said Abhayasimha, renowned director

Let the rule become easy for shooting

“Even after getting permission from the news department, permission has to be gotten from tourism department and many other departments. Now that the central government has announced a single window rule, right now it cannot be said what changes will be there. But, the rule will be useful in simplifying movie shooting,” said Tamma Laxmana, art director 

Article by Dinesh Ira translated into English by Aaron Dmello


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