Plastic bottle stuck in car’s wheel well? You may be about to be robbed!

07:54 PM May 06, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Next time you find a water bottle stuck in your car’s wheel well, call the police. It might be a case of attempted theft.


This trick was born out of viral videos on social media and has caught on to become a favorite method used by car thieves around the globe. The process these car-lifers use is pretty simple but most unsuspecting vehicle owners easily fall prey to it.

What’s this plastic bottle trick?

It’s a fairly simple trick! The empty plastic water bottle, usually on the wheel on the driver’s side, is kept in such a way that it gets stuck between the tire and the fender when it is moved.

When the unsuspecting driver, starts the engine and moves either forward or backward, the stuck bottle makes a loud noise. It bound to startle any driver.


Chances are that you may pull over and get off the vehicle to check for the damage while leaving the keys in the ignition. The thieves use this opportune moment to strike and flee with the car.

Here’s an illustration of how it’s done!

So beware! If you notice a crushing sound next time you are driving, be cautious. Pullover, take out the keys, lock the car and only then inspect for the cause of the noise.

In case you are in a remote, secluded place don’t hesitate to seek police help.



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