Plight of the Downtrodden in Mangaluru

01:56 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru: Heavy rains, leaky hut and children studying under the light of a kerosene lamp. This is the woeful existence of 2 schedule tribe (ST) families, living in the heart of the ‘Smart City’ Mangaluru without any basic facilities.


Many governments come and go. They keep speaking about developing the society, but the government facilities and assistance has not yet reached these families. The surprising fact is that even the people’s representatives from the corporation have also failed to acknowledge their existence. As a result, these families are surviving a miserable life in dilapidated huts.

No basic facilities

The two ST couples Raju and Vijaya, and Nagesh and Priya belong to the Koraga community and reside with five children in a hut that they have erected near Kulashekar flyover. They do not have a house, toilet, drinking water, electricity connection or any basic amenities.

Raju who works as a daily wage labourer has enrolled his four children at the government school. His wife Vijaya works in houses as a domestic helper. Nagesh works as a day wage worker at the corporation and has registered his son the government school in Bikarnakatte. His wife does household work in the surrounding areas. Hence, the dream of having a house is a mirage for this family which can hardly make ends meet. 


No Government aid

These families have visited the government offices on multiple occasions to request for a house, water, electricity connection, but to no avail. Many years have passed since the hollow promises of the people’s representatives, informs a member of the family.

Living in the dark

There are five students from these two huts who are pursuing their education at a government school. After coming back from school, they have to fetch water from a house far off after which they have to study depending on light either from the streetlamp or from the light of a kerosene lamp.

Sanitation problem

Though there are women in both the families, they survive in the hut which has no bathroom and toilet. Hence, the have created a small enclosure using tarpaulin which appears much like a nest, and acts as their bathroom within whose very limited space, one is compelled to take bath, informs Vijaya.  

Futile government office visits

“We are tired of visiting the government officers requesting for basic facilities. Peoples representatives who come here requesting for votes, only provide promises for relief but never again turn up this way,” says Nagesh.

Aadhaar Card Issue

“Aadhaar Card have been created and given to the children of both the families based on this admission to the school. Since the parents have no documents, we are unable to do anything,” says Keshava Maroli, the local corporator.


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