Pre-monsoon rains depart; rain deficit by 78%

01:36 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |
Mangaluru: The pre-monsoon showers have departed from the state and preparations are on for the arrival of the monsoon. This time, Karavali is facing a rain deficit by 78%. There is a forecast that the monsoon may be delayed by3-4 days in Karavali and begin by the end of the first week of June. Last time, monsoon started on May 29th itself along Karnataka’s coast. But this time, the pace has reduced. This time, Karavali has faced the least amount of pre-monsoon rains. If last time, the rain had increased by 87%, this time it has dropped by 78%. Last time, there was normal pre-monsoon rain for two months and only intensified towards the end of May. It had been assumed that this time there would be good rains. But it has been proved wrong. There is no rain in Karavali and the heat is only ever increasing. Since the last couple of days, the temperature has been rising and reaches up to 37 degree centigrade during afternoon. According to the forecast of the Weather Department, the monsoon is expected to reach the coast of Kerala on June 5th or 6th. Later, the rain is expected to reach the coast of Karnataka on June 8th. Until the arrival of the monsoon, the sky shall remain cloudy in the mornings and rain may be expected at a few places as well, informs the Weather Department. Most lack of rain in Karavali itself This time during the pre-monsoon rain season, Karavali has received the least amount of rain in the state. As per the stats from Jan 1st to May 31st, the southern hinterlands of the state, the northern hinterland, the Malnad and Karavali areas have faced a rain deficit of 27%, 64%, 57% and 78% respectively. Overall, the state has faced a shortage of rain by 52%. Normally, 178mm of rain occurs during this period, but only 38mm of rain has fallen so far. Decreased East Monsoon “In comparison to last time, the east monsoon has decreased. Along with Karavali, the state has not received the normal amount of rain. Presently, the east monsoon term has concluded. According to the forecast, monsoon is expected to begin along the coast of Kerala on June 5th or 6th,” informs Sunil Gavaskar, Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre (KSNDMC) Scientist

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