Punish cattle thieves with mental illness, says distressed owner

01:20 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

Moodabidri: Frustrated with the thefts of his cows a resident of Mantradi village has decided to make the gods and goddesses punish the thieves.


He has stuck a flex banner on a tree in the village announcing the decision

“A few days ago, three cows from my house have gone missing. As the nuisance of cattle thieves has increased in and around the villages here, we have prayed to the deities at Dharmasthala, Marnakatta, Panolibail, Koragajja and Oora Kukkintaya Kodamanithaya to punish the cattle thieves. We have prayed to the gods to make the thieves roam around the streets raving mad. – Distressed Cattle Owners,” read banner.

The banner also bears a photo of one of the stolen cattle.


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