Queen Consort Camilla gets new personal monogram

04:58 PM Nov 08, 2022 | PTI |

Buckingham Palace has unveiled a new personal monogram or cypher for Camilla, Britain’s Queen Consort, to be used on her correspondence as the wife of King Charles III.


Designed by Professor Ewan Clayton, the monogram combines Camilla’s initial ”C” and ”R” for Regina, the Latin word for Queen. It will be used by Camilla on personal letterheads, cards and gifts and also as the new symbol on the Queen Consort’s cross to be laid by her at the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey on Thursday.

”The Queen Consort’s new cypher is made up of Her Majesty’s monogram (‘C’ for Camilla, and ‘R’ for Regina, Latin for Queen) and a crown. The cypher will be used on official correspondence,” Buckingham Palace said.

Last month, the new monogram to be used by Charles as the UK’s new monarch was unveiled and used for the first time once the royal family’s mourning period for his mother Queen Elizabeth II came to an end.

King Charles III’s new cypher is designed by the College of Arms and shows his initial – C – intertwined with the letter R for Rex, which is Latin for King, and III is marked within the letter R with the imperial crown above the letters. The all-in-gold royal monogram will be added to various public offices, papers, and street furniture across the UK over the coming months and years, replacing the Queen’s cypher E II R.


The Court Post Office at Buckingham Palace became the first to frank or stamp post using the new cypher. The new monarch’s monogram is intended for government buildings, state documents and some post boxes, with the decision to change the use of cyphers from the Queen to the King up to the discretion of individual organisations. The process is expected to be a gradual one and the cypher of a previous monarch can stay in use for many years, just as those of Queen Victoria, Edward VII, George V and VI are still to be found on some post boxes in the UK.


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