Rajini casts a spell on audience on Kriya yoga; says doing films like 'Raghavendra, 'Baba' gave him soul satisfaction

10:28 AM Jul 23, 2022 | PTI |

Chennai: Tamil film superstar Rajinikanth left the audience spellbound while sharing his knowledge on Kriya yoga and Chakra meditation and claimed that of all his films, ‘Sree Raghavendra’ and ‘Baba’ gave him ”soul satisfaction.” Rajini, who sat in a meditative posture on stage when Swami Suddhananda Giri, senior sanyasi of Yogada Satsangha Society of India (YSSI), earlier appealed to the audience to meditate for a few minutes, commenced his speech with ”Om Guruvey Saranam.”


He said he didn’t expect an overwhelming response to the event-inspirational talk and guided meditation- in Tamil on ”a happy and a successful life through Kriya yoga” under the aegis of YSSI. ”Noticing the swamijis here refer to their notes while addressing you, I thought I should have also brought some notes with me. But I came here without it (hence extempore speech),” the superstar said amidst joyous shouts of ‘Thalaiva’ by his fans.

In a lighter vein, he referred to Swamy Giri’s reference to him during his speech, and remarked, ”we are all actors and a great actor is in our midst, Swamy Giri said pointing at me. I don’t know if it is praise or admonition,” he remarked.

Spirituality, according to him, is a vast subject and despite reading several books, he is confused as to what to speak. Moreover, since it was announced that the event is being telecast live, he thought that he would only have to address the gathering allowing the Swamys to do the speaking part.

Touching upon the subjects close to his heart, the veteran actor said though he has done numerous films, the ones that gave him ”soul satisfaction” were ‘Sree Raghavendra’ and ‘Baba.’ ”I don’t know how to thank those great souls who made me act in those films,” he added.


Many came to know about ‘Raghavendra’ and ‘Baba’ after these films were released (in 1985 and 2002 respectively). A large number of people became members of Yogada after seeing the film ‘Baba’ and some even went to the Himalayas and visited the Aniket cave, which was later closed.

”And two of my fans have become sanyasis of Yogada while I stand before you as an actor,” Rajini, who is a devotee of Mahavatar Babaji, said.

Babaji is said to be the guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, the disciple of Lahiri Mahasya who was trained by Babaji in Kriya yoga.

Paramahamsa Yogananda had special powers since his young days and the kite incident in the film ‘Baba’ was greatly influenced by Babaji, Rajinikanth said.

Rajini, who is known to practice Kriya yoga said it is very simple and effective and added that it activated the chakras on the spine and improved one’s well-being.

”It is not that you will not face problems if you learn Kriya yoga but you will get sakthi, the courage, to face problems,” he added.

Also, there was the possibility of one not getting caught in the vortex of negativism as opposed to positivism, which is divinity, if one practises Kriya yoga.

”So, what you think you become. Positive thoughts radiate around you, The end result is that you will begin to see things objectively not subjectively,” Rajini said.

If God appears and offers a choice between peace of mind and Him, most of us would opt for the former because peace of mind is permanent, not happiness which always fluctuated. ”I have seen money, fame and have even been associated with big-time political leaders, industrialists and several personalities. But my happiness and peace of mind is less than 10 per cent because it is temporary – its maya – an illusion. Like money and fame, our body is also temporary,” he added.

The guiding force of Gurus like Babaji is something like the support of thousands of Ambanis and Adanis for us.

”They will take care of us. The atma of the Prophet, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha and Babaji will be with us. We should gear up to receive their blessings through Kriya yoga through which I have noticed the change in me,” he said.


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