Rameshwaram cafe blast case: Suspected terrorists concealed identities with Hindu names

10:18 AM Apr 14, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

New Delhi: It has been revealed that the two suspected terrorists apprehended in connection with the Rameshwaram cafe blast were using Hindu names such as Kulkarni and Patel to conceal their true identities.


The National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested suspected terrorists Mussavir Hussain Shazeb and Adbul Matheen Taha in Digha town on Friday. They reportedly checked into a guesthouse in Digha on March 25, claiming to be tourists from Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Taha, acting as the mastermind, utilized aliases including Vignesh B.D., and Anmol Kulkarni, while Shazeb assumed the identity of Yusha Shahnawaz Patel of Palghar, Maharashtra, during stays at various lodges in Kolkata. In other instances, they allegedly used the names Sanjay Agarwal and Uday Das from Jharkhand and Tripura.

CCTV footage has surfaced showing Shazeb and Taha entering Kolkata’s Iqbalpur guest house. The NIA has identified Musavir Hussain as the individual responsible for planting the bomb at Rameshwar Cafe, with Mateen being cited as the primary conspirator behind the entire incident.


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