Rare rainbow ring around sun stuns Vijayapura residents

03:42 PM Jun 19, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Vijayapura: Astronomers and residents alike were astonished on Wednesday when a rare rainbow-shaped ring appeared around the Sun, located in the Ghonasagi area of Tikota taluk in Vijayapura district. Despite the cloudy weather prevailing in the region recently, the phenomenon was clearly visible.


The discovery was made by Parameshwar Gadyala, a teacher at the Government Junior Primary School in Ghonasagi Tanda, who captured the extraordinary sight in both video and photographs. Gadyala also took the opportunity to educate his students about this unusual occurrence, describing it as a unique manifestation of the Sun’s aura trapped within a circle of rainbow colors, rarely seen in astronomy.

The weather in Vijayapura district has been consistently overcast for the past few weeks, making clear sightings of the Sun a rare occurrence. Against this backdrop, the celestial arc encompassing the Sun in Nabhomandal has captured the fascination of astronomers and skywatching enthusiasts.

The phenomenon has sparked discussions among experts about the atmospheric conditions that could have contributed to the formation of such a distinct rainbow halo around the Sun. Such occurrences serve as a reminder of the wonders of nature and the mysteries that continue to captivate astronomers and scientists alike.


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