Reflector color belts for street dogs

01:41 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

Model work by Mangalorean youth appreciated


Mangaluru: There are numerous dogs loitering around along the roadsides and at the beaches and a few of these dogs lose their life after meeting with a vehicular accident. In order to prevent this, a Mangalorean youth had done model work by installing reflector belts around the necks of the street dogs.

Tausif, a member of Animal Care in the city is the person who has come forward with this initiative. Since many years he has been providing treatment to injured animals, snakes, dogs, birds and cows along with the team. Besides, a shelter has been created to look after street dogs.

Many street dogs die coming under the wheels of vehicles along the highway and in order to prevent such incidents, this new initiative has been introduced. Close to 50 street dogs loitering the city have already been fixed with these reflective neck belts.

Around 200 reflective straps have been procured from Indore. Of them, 100 have been purchased through his own money while the remaining 100 belts were procured through sponsors.  Anyhow, Tausif’s aim is to attach as many as 500 reflective belts to the street dogs.  


One belt costs Rs 40

Tannirbavi, Bejai, Kuloor, Morgansgate and other regions have a higher presence of street dogs and are also the regions where more dogs deaths occur because of vehicular movement. Hence street dogs here have been strapped with reflector belts.

One reflector belt cost Rs 40. Impressed by this exemplary work by Tausif, a animal lover in Udupi has come forward to implement the same system on street dogs in and around Udupi.

Helpful in preventing accidents

“Along with saving the lives of the street dogs, the reflective belts also save the lives of motorists. There have been multiple incidents where a bike rider has suffered serious injuries after colliding with a dog. Reflector belts help in preventing this,” informs Tausif, Animal Lover

Use of reflector belt

The belts being strapped on to the street dogs are similar to the reflector strips installed around the poles on the roadside to prevent accidents along the road. These reflector belts reflect light falling on it in the darkness of the night. Thus, a bike rider will notice the presence of a street dog from a safe distance. Hence, this will act as a precaution to the motorists.

Strapping reflective belts around the necks of the cows

Cows too lose their lives due to vehicular accidents at Surathkal, Panambur other locations along the national highway. Tausif has thoughts on strapping on reflective belts around the necks of the cows with the aim to prevent such accidents. In the coming days, he will be holding talks with the belt manufacturing institution in this regard.

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