What do you really want in a relationship? This picture reveals what qualities you seek in your partner!

02:19 PM May 09, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

There’s much to be expected from relationships. More often than not, we are unaware of our own expectations and preferences from a relationship. Luckily, there are ways to know these hidden attributes.


This optical illusion – made by combining 5 paintings into one – claims to tell what you really look for in a partner.

The Minds Journal said that the first thing that you notice in this image can reveal a lot about the qualities you value in a relationship.

Look at this image and note down the first and the most striking feature:



What did you see first?


Scroll down for the answer.


If your answer is the face of a man (see highlighted picture below), you need to feel understood.

You are a hard-working person who wants to be respected by your partner.

“You only show a version of yourself that they can relate to and feel comfortable with. This helps you make people like you more and easily. This unique skill can be exceptionally useful. However, that doesn’t mean you are fake or deceitful,” The Minds Journal said.

“It simply means you are cautious about how you present yourself to people and how they perceive you. But this can often make you more mysterious than necessary. As nobody truly knows you completely, they fail to understand you on a deeper level,” it added.

If your answer is the man standing in coat first, you need to feel accepted.

You may have “deep-rooted sadness inside their hearts,” and maybe looking for someone accepting, The Minds Journal said.

It added, “You have a clear understanding of the reality of life and realize that the balance between happiness and sadness is crucial for a meaningful existence. You know what begins will come to an end, just like everything in life, and this enables you to appreciate even the little things in life.”

You want someone who will “accept you wholeheartedly”, including your “melancholic nature”.

You need someone who can “value and appreciate their deep understanding of life and death and see the real beauty in their sad personalities,” instead of trying to “fix” them.

If the answer is the baby lying on the table, you need to feel nurtured.

“It’s not that you don’t know how to be responsible, take charge, or take care of yourself. However, you feel vulnerable and believe that things might head south anytime. You feel anxious and stressed easily, and most of the time you feel sleep-deprived. You have made crying a habit and you find some solace in letting your tears flow at least once a week,” The Minds Journal said.

It doesn’t mean that someone needs to babysit you!  You need someone who will understand your emotional needs, will care for you deeply, make you feel safe, secure, and protected. You need someone who will support you through the thick and thin of life.

It added, “You want someone who will always stand by your side and make life feel less burdensome. You need a strong person who will be the pillar in your life and carry you to bed so that you can sleep peacefully every night knowing there’s someone you can trust to take care of you.”


If you saw the sorcerer reading first, you need to feel spiritually connected.


You are intensely curious about life – the present and the future and long for a “deep and meaningful bond.”

“You feel attracted to other curious minds who love to know about the different spiritual aspects of life, the world, and the entire universe. You want a partner who shares your enthusiasm about spirituality although they might not be spiritual themselves,” The Minds Journal said.

If you spotted two women dressed in white first, you need to feel challenged.

You are someone who is “stubborn” and “in control” of yourself and your life.

“You believe that life would be a lot easier if everyone just trusted you and did exactly what you asked them as you know how things should be. Although this may make you sound like an egomaniac, the truth is most of the time you are right about your observations, perceptions, judgments, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. You are probably the smartest person around in any given situation and you know how things should go,” The Minds Journal said.

A partner who “counters you, puts their views ahead, and challenges you when they believe you aren’t right,” is what you need.

It added, “Finding someone who is as strong-minded as you is important, and you won’t do well with a ‘submissive partner. You need someone who won’t be afraid of calling you out. You want to be in a relationship where both you and your partner can support and challenge each other to grow in the long run.”


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