Relax and unwind with these brain teasers!

12:32 PM May 17, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

We all need breaks, especially after work that involves sustained concentration and attention. While some choose to view videos, others prefer to solve puzzles to relax and unwind.


Brain teasers are puzzles that challenge your intellect to think differently. Solutions may need you to think out of the box to come up with innovative, creative solutions.

Here are two visual riddles to help relax and unwind.

Let’s get started.



Puzzle 1: Move one matchstick to fix the equation

Let’s start with an easy one. Look at this mathematical equation made from matchsticks. It doesn’t add up!

Source: Vidyasaarathi/Facebook


The challenge is to move just one matchstick to balance the equation. Can you fix it?

Hint: There are multiple solutions to this. Can you spot them all?


Puzzle 2: Move 2 matchsticks 

In this moving matches puzzle, you’re allowed to move two matchsticks.

Source: AB/Twitter



How many did you solve?


If you solved them all, great! scroll down to check the correct answers.


Do you have your answers ready?


Here are the solutions:

Puzzle 1: These are the three ways in which the equation can be balanced

0+4=4  or  5+4=9  or   8-4=4

Did you find them all?


Puzzle 2: Many people claim that the answer to this teaser is 999. But, they are far from the real answer.

Actually, the answer is 51181.

How? Look at this image below:


Did you find these puzzles interesting? Let us know. 

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