Renuka Swami murder case: Darshan Paid Rs 30 Lakh for body disposal?

11:25 AM Jun 13, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

The Renuka Swami murder case has taken a dramatic turn with explosive new revelations. It has come to light that Darshan, the prime suspect, allegedly paid Rs 30 lakh to other accused individuals to dispose of the body.


According to police sources, Darshan, upon learning of Renuka Swami’s death due to severe assault on the night of June 8, rushed to the Pattangere shed in a state of panic. After spending nearly an hour and a half at the site, he made a plan to move the body. Darshan reportedly offered Rs 30 lakh to his close associate, hotelier Pradosh, and instructed him to dispose of the body elsewhere. Following this, Pradosh and others transported the body in a Scorpio vehicle and dumped it in a drain near Sathva Apartments.

Further investigation revealed that Darshan’s confidant, Deepak, offered Rs. 5 lakh each to four individuals who surrendered to the police. Deepak allegedly instructed Raghavendra from Chitradurga, Darshan’s driver Karthik, Nikhil Naik, and Keshav Murthy to take the blame for protecting Darshan. He promised to pay them and cover their legal fees. Keshav Murthy and Nikhil received Rs. 5 lakh on the spot, while Raghavendra and Karthik were assured their families would receive the money after their arrest.

The investigation has identified 17 suspects in the Renuka Swami murder case, contrary to the initial count of 13. The police are currently searching for the remaining four suspects while 13 have been arrested.

The police have confiscated the Mahindra Jeep used by Darshan and the Scorpio vehicle used to transport Renuka Swami’s body.


During police interrogation, Darshan admitted to hitting Renuka Swami once or twice but denied killing him. He stated that he only intended to warn him and left after assaulting him. However, his associates allegedly continued the assault, leading to Renuka Swami’s death.

Police sources indicated that Pavithra Gowda, along with Darshan’s group, attacked Renuka Swami with a slipper while Darshan used a wooden plank. Renuka Swami succumbed to his injuries from the severe assault.

Home Minister G. Parameshwara stated that there is no need to hand over the investigation to the CBI. He assured that the investigation is progressing well, with 13 arrests made so far, and all details will be revealed once the investigation is complete.


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