Renukaswamy murder: Only wanted to warn him, have no connection with murder: Darshan claims during interrogation

09:53 AM Jun 15, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Bengaluru: In the ongoing investigation of the Renukaswamy murder case, actor Darshan and his team have allegedly spilled the beans about the incident to the police. Darshan has reportedly stated that he has no connection to the murder.


According to sources, Pavithra mentioned that she never imagined a murder would take place. Darshan also asserted his innocence, stating that he has no involvement in the murder of Renukaswamy. However, the investigating officers have declined to officially comment on it.

The interrogation of the suspects arrested for Renukaswamy’s murder is underway at the Annapoorneshwari Nagar Police Station. Statements from the 14 individuals taken into custody are reportedly being recorded separately.

Darshan’s Statement:

Darshan allegedly claimed that he was not involved in the murder and had no intention of killing anyone. He mentioned that he learned about the obscene messages sent to Pavithra by Renuka Swamy through Pavan.


According to sources, Darshan explained that he requested Raghavendra to bring Renukaswamy with the intention of warning him. He claimed that he met Renukaswamy at the shed on Saturday evening, warned him not to send obscene messages to Pavithra again, and then left, asking him to take some money and food and return to his village.

Darshan told police that he did not commit the murder and had no connection to it, sources added.

Pavithra’s Statement:

During her interrogation, Pavithra Gowda reportedly said that Renukaswamy had been sending her obscene photos and messages. She informed Pavan, the domestic help, about this and specifically instructed him not to let Darshan know about it. She mentioned that she never imagined it would lead to a murder and that if she had known, she would have reported it to the police herself, sources said.

She allegedly admitted to hitting Renuka Swamy with a slipper at the shed in Pattanagere but did not think it would result in his death.

Raghavendra’s Statement:

According to sources, Raghavendra, the president of the Thoogudeepa Fans Association in Chitradurga, mentioned during his interrogation that Darshan Sir had given him the number and asked him to find the person. He added that he had located Renuka Swamy using that number.

Pavan’s Statement:

Another accused, Pavan, the household help, revealed during his interrogation that Renuka Swamy had been sending obscene messages to Pavithra’s sister. He mentioned that when he informed Pavithra’s sister, she asked him to identify the sender. He also stated that he informed Darshan about this and after the assault, they thought he might have fainted, sources claimed.

The investigation continues as police delve deeper into the case to uncover the truth behind Renukaswamy’s murder.


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