Repeated accidents at Ambalapadi, Ambagilu, Santhekatte

01:29 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |
If one thinks that they can travel along the national highways peacefully, without any worry and with comfort, it would be a mistake. As soon as you enter the land of Krishan, you will be welcomed by dangerous junctions. A vehicle user must take at most care while passing along Ambalapadi, Ambagilu, Santhekatte and Nittur areas. Udupi: Bear in mind the danger of these two junctions while entering Udupi city via NH 66. One is Ambalapadi and the other is Ambagilu. The common phenomenon here is accident. Although several people unwillingly lost their lives here, nothing has been done to solve the problem. This area which is the meeting point for Brahmagiri-Ambalapadi main roads exists as an enigma for vehicle users and pedestrians. It’s simply impossible to predict which vehicle will proceed where. If a pedestrian is attempting to cross the road, he can definitely expect to face the danger of an oncoming vehicle from every other possible direction. The national highway department did not give any ear to the protests demanding an overpass here. They also managed to not to provide the minimum facility for the pedestrians to cross the road safely either. Even though sometimes, there is a cop stationed here to manage the confusion, mostly the junction is an orphan. During such times, vehicles barge in from all directions. Ambagilu is an accident prone zone! While proceeding from Kundapur towards Udupi city or Manipal area, the normally preffered route is via Ambagilu, which is a notorious for accidents. Even after the completion of highway work here, more than 10 persons lost their lives here. There is no clue of a service road here. Hence, all vehicles merge here from all directions. Driving along the wrong side here is quite normal here. Vehicles coming from Kalsanka, Perampalli and surrounding areas must merge into the highway, come to Santhekatte and take a U-turn to cross the road. However, in search of short-cuts, vehicle users prefer to barge in from the left side at Ambagilu junction itself. This habit of wrong side driving is very dangerous. Similarly, those from the right -hand-side of Ambagilu junction must proceed towards Santhekatte and take a U-turn to proceed towards Kalsanka, Perampalli and Karavali junction. Most prefer to give this a slip and proceed via the wrong side. There are no cops at this junction. Neither is there any signage board or traffic signals. Sometimes during the night, the area is flooded in darkness as the installed lights refuse to light up. And with the existence of so many problems here, no one has thought of resolving the issue. Balayipade-Santhekatte bridge Of the number of accidents that have occurred in the past 3 years and 8 months along the road between Udyavar Balayipade and Kalyanpur Santhekatte bridge, 50 persons lost their lives while 258 were injured. Only in the last 8 months, 18 innocent lives were extinguished. Santhekatte junction is a mirror to unscientific work. Even though there is a service road here, the problem has not been solved. Buses which used to stop of the highway are now stopping on the service road. But the vehicle density along the service road has increased. Since the bus stand is close to the junction, the problem only amplifies. Crossing the road safely is quite a challenge here. A separate bus stop is required for express buses and a bus stop must be created after Santhekatte junction for buses moving towards Brahmavar, demand the locals. Nittur accident prone zone Nittur too is an accident prone zone. This is a dangerous junction where meets vehicles coming in haste from Karavali junction and vehicles coming from Kodankuru-Nittur road towards the highway. KSRTC buses proceeding towards Udupi-Mangaluru from the depot attempt their turns here itself. Neither is there a service road here nor are there any streetlights. Buses too are stopped on the highway. Pothole ridden Karavali junction Due to the construction of an underpass at Karavali junction, the traffic density has reduced. But, while turning towards Nittur from Malpe, the failure to identify proper space for the buses to stop is causing much problem. This is a dangerous location full off potholes. Even the turn towards Ambalapadi is rich with potholes. Problem due to bus stops Since all the buses stop on the service road near Santhekatte junction, the problem has increased. Express buses must be stopped ahead from the junction along the highway. Buses proceeding towards Kalyanpur, Kemmannu must stop further ahead from the junction near the municipality commercial complex. Then, the density and danger can be reduced slightly. Service roads needs to be created on either sides from Santhekatte to Ambagilu – Jayaram, Former President, Rickshaw Drivers and Owners Association, Santhekatte Requested six times Ambagilu junction is extremely dangerous. The lack of service road is the major cause for this. 6 times we have submitted requests for a service road to the MP. But to no avail. At least, let them construct a 10-foot wide mud road along the land acquired for the construction of the service road – Devdas Shettigar, Ambagilu You too can inform of any problem Udayavani’s aim is to put an end to the rise in the number of accidents occurring along NH 75 and NH 66 which pass through DK district. You can provide your suggestions and opinions regarding these two national highways by Whatsapp with photos to 9632369999

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