Revanna case: No political conspiracy against Deve Gowda family, says Min Thimmapur

03:38 PM Jun 24, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Minister for Excise and District In-charge, R.B. Thimmapur, has responded to allegations made by H.D. Kumaraswamy, who claimed that there is a conspiracy to eliminate the H.D. Deve Gowda family from politics.


Speaking to the media before a KDP meeting in the city, Thimmapur said, “Did we ask Prajwal and Suraj to engage in such shameful acts? Let Kumaraswamy himself declare that they didn’t do anything wrong.”

Thimmapur further emphasized that the law is the same for everyone, including the grandchildren of Deve Gowda. He stated, “The law applies equally to everyone, be it our children or the children of B.S. Yediyurappa and Siddaramaiah. The police are investigating according to the law, and it’s not fair to say that this is a targeted action against the Deve Gowda family.”

He criticized Kumaraswamy for seeking sympathy and said, “He is always looking for ways to gain sympathy and benefit from it. He should refrain from claiming that there is a conspiracy to end his family’s political career.”

Thimmapur questioned, “Let Kumaraswamy declare whether Prajwal and Suraj’s actions were right or wrong. Let him openly say that the boys did a good job and false cases were filed against them.”


Regarding the Deputy CM position, Thimmapur stated, “I have no information about it. Such decisions are taken by our party, AICC, and KPCC. We are committed to their decision.”

When asked about being in the race for the Deputy CM position, he responded, “Who would refuse if offered? Everyone wants to be the Chief Minister if given a chance. All communities and castes should have representation in power.”

Thimmapur also addressed the issue of Congress MLAs being contacted by Kumaraswamy for an operation. He condemned such actions, saying, “Statements about toppling the government are against democratic principles. If they say the government will fall on its own, they are daydreaming.”

Criticizing the central ministers, he said, “After being rejected by the people, they have a desperate desire to gain power by any means. The BJP and its allies are under the illusion of power, having never received a full majority. They have always formed the government through backdoor means.”



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