Ring to prevent hangover? Archaeologists discover golden ring in ancient Israel winery

11:22 AM Nov 06, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

Archaeologists in Israel have discovered a golden ring set encrusted with Amethyst from the world’s largest ancient winery.


According to experts, this could be the greatest winery from the Byzantine period, and individuals wore this ring to avoid hangovers back then.

Archaeologists in Israel discovered these incredible rings, as well as thousands of well-preserved earthen jars and fragments, near the city of Yavne, in the country’s centre area. Notably, the new find is in the same location as a vast Byzantine-era winery discovered just last month.

Meanwhile, on its official Facebook page, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced the recent discovery. According to the article, Amethyst is also mentioned in the Bible, and it was once thought to have various medicinal abilities, including the ability to prevent hangovers. Ironically, the ring was unearthed near a Byzantine wine plant in Israel.


According to a DailyMail report, the team of academics believed that the plant could generate two million litres of wine each year.

The antique golden rings encrusted with amethyst belonged to a wealthy individual. These rings date from the seventh century, and it’s probable that the last person to wear them was a high-status individual who wanted to show off their wealth. They most likely belonged to a wine taster who felt the purple stone protected him from the negative effects of alcohol. The purple stone was thought to be able to prevent hangovers in ancient times.

Amethyst is available in a variety of colours, from mild lilac to a deep reddish-purple. At the time, the crystalline quartz stone was regarded as extremely valuable. However, semi-precious stones are now widely available and reasonably priced.

The archaeologists spent nearly two years digging the 75,000 square-foot site, according to the DailyMail story, as part of the Israel Land Authority’s goal to develop Yavne and accommodate more people. The exaction site is in Israel’s centre region, and it would have been a strategically important location on the map beside the holy city of Jerusalem at the time.


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