RSS chief flags concerns over 'unregulated' OTT content, 'uncontrolled' Bitcoin and drug consumption

03:46 PM Oct 15, 2021 | PTI |

Nagpur: Flagging serious concerns over the ”unregulated” content being shown on OTT platforms, ”uncontrolled” Bitcoin currency that has the potential to ”destabilize the economy of all countries” and use of narcotic drugs by all classes of the society, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Friday urged the government to take steps to address these issues. He was speaking during the annual Vijayadashmi rally held at Reshmibagh here. ”What kind of things are being shown on OTT platforms. During the coronavirus period, even the children have got access to mobiles and there is no control over what they watch. Similarly, there is no control on what is to be shown on OTT platforms,” he said.


”At present unregulated broadcast of varied material on OTT platforms are open for everyone’s indiscriminate consumption. In the backdrop of the pandemic, online education was to be introduced. School-going children are hooked on mobile phones as a rule. In the absence of prudence and a regulatory framework, it will become difficult to predict in which way and to what extent will this emerging phenomenon of contact with fair and unfair means sweep our society,” he said.

Bhagwat also spoke about the rampant use of drugs, saying it is prevalent in all classes of society. ”Narcotics are smuggled in the country and its consumption habit is increasing. How to stop it, we don’t know. People from the high class to the last man are dangerously engulfed in this habit. We all know money from this drug business is used for anti-national activities and nations bordering India promote it,” he said.

He added that the young generation must be taught at home that they must stay away from drugs. Talking about Bitcoins, he said, ”No country has control over Bitcoin. Competition is coming up. Clandestine, uncontrolled currency like Bitcoin has the potential to destabilize the economy of all countries and pose a serious challenge,” he said.

The government must immediately make efforts to regulate the OTT content, stop the use of Bitcoins and end the drugs menace completely, the RSS chief said. According to him, Indian economic ideology is based on ‘giving back and on nurturing nature and not conquering it. He said that the prevalent global economic paradigm is shaken by new challenges that are beyond the grasp of other nations. Mechanization and the resultant rise in unemployment, ebb in the human value system due to unethical technology, and the power without accountability are some examples, he added.


The whole world is now looking at India, expecting and waiting for new parameters of economic system and development. ”Human spirit has experienced pinnacles of freedom by pursuing progress and pleasure bound by the principle of dharma or righteousness, such economic model has been considered ideal in our civilization. Our economic paradigm emphasizes control over consumption,” he said.

Bhagwat stressed on forming an economic development model based on this vision, consolidating our learnings that are valuable from across the world, and combining it with our current national context is the need of the hour. ”The manifestation of such a new model of holistic and integrated progress is a natural outcome of independence; it is the long-awaited discovery of the ‘swap or the self,” he said.

Speaking about the pandemic, he said the country was set to combat the third wave of coronavirus. During the second wave of COVID-19, the society once again through its collective efforts exemplified resilience. The second wave was far more destructive and did not spare even many young people. Yet efforts of men and women who were selflessly dedicated in the service of humankind despite serious health hazards posed by the disease are praiseworthy, he said.

”The danger continues to loom on our horizon. But we are more or less prepared to face the third wave. Vaccines have been administered en-masse and the vaccination process needs to be completed,” he said.


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