Rule breaking on the rise in Udupi district

11:22 AM May 29, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Following the recent gang war incident in Kunjibettu, the people of Udupi district remain fearful. Many residents say the district is now in a state where people are afraid to venture out after dark.


Additionally, several traffic rule violations are coming to light in the district. These include riding without helmets, using mobile phones while driving, riding triple on two-wheelers, driving in the wrong direction, and using loud horns. The police department needs to strengthen the beat system.

Public opinion suggests that it would be beneficial for safety if strict traffic rules and CCTV systems were implemented in key areas, similar to the neighboring Dakshina Kannada.

Areas with High Violations

In rural areas, many two-wheeler riders do not wear helmets. Even those who used to wear helmets out of fear of the police have now stopped, as there is no longer regular patrolling. Traffic rule violations are particularly high in urban areas like Kalsanka, Karavali Bypass, Adi Udupi, Brahmagiri, Kinnimulki, and Manipal.


Reckless Driving

Member of the public claimed that reckless driving on the Udupi-Manipal national highways is a daily occurrence. Violations such as using loud horns, modified silencers, and riding noisy vehicles are common. Even on the day of the gang war, the accused were reportedly driving recklessly in Udupi-Manipal, causing trouble for the public.

This is not a one-time issue. The public demands that the police keep a special watch on these activities.

Need for Stricter Law Enforcement

Udupi district, known for its achievements in education, healthcare, and other fields, can ensure peace for its residents only with strict law enforcement. There is concern that people coming from other districts and states for education and employment might leave due to law and order issues, which could lead to the district falling behind in all fields. Therefore, the public strongly urges the police to prioritize law enforcement.


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