Sad that I can't participate in party functions, says newly elected Speaker U T Khader

11:04 AM May 26, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru: Mangalore MLA U.T. Khader, who has been elected as the Speaker of the 16th Legislative Assembly, expressed his sadness over his inability to participate in party functions as well as political campaigns in the future.


He also mentioned about his vision for a ‘paperless’ assembly of the future. He emphasized the need for a digital platform to conduct legislative proceedings. He also proposed dedicating a fixed day during the session to discuss the issues faced by the common people.

Khader, who arrived in Mangaluru, gave an exclusive interview to “Udayavani.”

Speaking about his new role, Khader stated that the position of the Speaker holds great responsibility in a democratic setup, both constitutionally as well as parliamentarily. He conveyed his dedication to upholding the respect and dignity associated with the position while emphasizing the importance of implementing reforms that positively impact the public.

Reflecting on the significance of his election as Speaker, Khader acknowledged the achievements of his predecessors, Vaikunta Baliga and K.S. Hegde, who had brought honor to the coastal region by holding the same constitutional post. He articulated his determination to follow in their footsteps and contribute to the development and progress of the coast.


When questioned about balancing the views of the ruling dispensation and the opposition on the House floor, Khader emphasized that despite ideological differences, all representatives serving in the Assembly have a common purpose: to serve the people. Khader said that he would work towards creating a forum to address the problems faced by the people.

Regarding his political detachment amidst the declining power of the Congress party in the coastal region, Khader shared his acceptance of the party’s decision to assume the constitutional post. While expressing sadness about not being able to participate in party programs, he pledged to remain dedicated to producing results that benefit the people.

Khader also revealed his intention to involve all MLAs, particularly the 70 newly elected representatives, in the assembly proceedings by organizing training sessions on parliamentary ethics and encouraging their active participation.

Asked about the poll promises made to the people of his constituency, Khader said that as the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, he no longer represents any specific party and has resigned from his party position. However, he stated that he would engage with ministers and officials to ensure the development of his constituency and district through collective discussions.

When asked about the potential impact of his role as Speaker on his political life, Khader acknowledged the possibility of complications but assured that he would address and resolve them. He said that he would be involved through representatives at the grassroots level.

Regarding rumors about his nomination as Speaker under political pressure due to a lack of candidates, Khader dismissed such claims, stating that his selection followed a thorough discussion among party leaders. He also clarified that there has been no decision made regarding his tenure as Speaker or any subsequent ministerial position, as the final decision rests with the party’s high command.


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