SAEINDIA announces the 2nd Edition of International Aerospace Conference –“AEROCON 2022”

02:36 PM May 25, 2022 | Press Release |

SAEINDIA, a professional Society of Automotive Engineers in collaboration with SAE International, today announced the 2nd edition of International Aerospace Conference in India – “AEROCON 2022”. The second edition of the conference focuses on ‘autonomous airborne systems, focusing on various research trends, challenges and opportunities’, as a theme will be held in Bengaluru, India on June 2 and 3.


The conference this year, covers topics of huge relevance and interest to the industry, including Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Blended/Hybrid wing body designs, Electric Mobility, Robotics, Industry 4.0.

Speaking at the press briefing, Mr. Venkataraj, DDG, SAEINDIA added, “We are happy that we will be conducting the second edition of the conference, after the huge success of the first one organised during pre-pandemic in 2020. Autonomous Airborne Systems are revolutionising the aviation industry, more specifically in Unmanned Aircraft Systems or Drones. AI and advanced control systems will continue to evolve in the next few years and will play an important role in autonomous systems. This year’s conference is structured to discuss these subjects and we are happy with the response and registrations we have received so far.“

Mr. Ahmed Elsherbini, Managing Director, Boeing India Engineering & Technology Center and Chief Engineer, Boeing India said, “AeroCON 2022 will bring together the best of industry, academia and researchers from across aerospace and engineering services, to help build a stronger future roadmap for the sector in India. On this occasion, I want to thank SAEINDIA for their long-standing commitment and contribution to the evolving aerospace industry in India. I am equally proud about our partnership and shared vision of advancing the aviation and defence industry in India, for India, and for the world.”

Dr. Bala Bharadvaj, Immediate Past President, SAEINDIA said, “SAEINDIA is comprehensive with representatives from Industry, Government, Research Labs including ISRO.” He also tracked the major events held since the formation of the ‘SAEINDIA Aero Forum’ in 2009. He made a special mention of the first IVHM (Integrated Vehicle Health Management), organised by SAEINDIA in 2014.


He also mentioned that, SAEINDIA provided an opportunity for Indians, to be part of the SAE standards committee with commendable reports.

Dr. Kaustubh Nande, Director of Marketing at Hexagon said, “India has grown in its R&D capability over the years, but we need to now scale this effort significantly in the next decade. This conference addresses several key future areas such as AI/ML, Modelling and Simulation, Additive Manufacturing, System Engineering, Advances Materials, Electric Mobility, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and increasingly autonomous airborne systems. Building capability and capacity in both – R&D and Manufacturing is key for the country’s self-reliance and advance ‘Made in India for the World’ initiative.”

Mr. Ravishankar Mysore, Chair, AeroCON 2022 said, “The Indian Aerospace & Defence market is projected to reach USD 70 billion by 2030, driven by the burgeoning demand for the advanced infrastructure and Government thrust. Increase in demand for large aircraft from Indian airline carriers, is leading to focus on Powered by Hour Contracts and many Indian Aerospace Services and Manufacturing Activities are expected to be driven by this. The second edition of the conference, aims to delve into some of these topics, which are relevant to industry growth post the pandemic.”

AeroCON: AeroCON is a prestigious biennial International Aerospace Conference, organized by SAEINDIA in collaboration with SAE International. It is a unique event providing a global networking opportunity for Aerospace professionals, both from industry and academia, besides the reputed National Defence Laboratories.


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