Serious constitutional crisis has arisen in Delhi, says CM Kejriwal in Assembly

07:27 PM Feb 19, 2024 | PTI |

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday said a ”serious constitutional crisis” has arisen in the national capital as officers are saying they will not work because of alleged ”threats and pressure” from the BJP.


This problem stems from Delhi not enjoying full statehood and the real power lies with the central government, which is led by a different party, and ”that other party does not want that the elected government (of Delhi) does its work”, he said during his address in the Delhi Assembly.

Kejriwal also said the one-time settlement scheme to rectify water bills is being ”obstructed” by some officers.

The chief minister alleged that the officers are being threatened to block the one-time settlement scheme for correcting water bills because of pressure from the BJP.

There was no immediate reaction from the BJP.


Kejriwal also claimed the officers’ unwillingness to work has led to a ”serious constitutional crisis” in Delhi.

He appealed to Lt Governor VK Saxena to call the officers for clearance of the scheme and added that 10.50 lakh families will benefit from this ”good scheme”. Kejriwal said a large percentage of Delhi’s population is a ”victim of erroneous, inflated bills”.

Explaining the metrics, he said, ”We introduced a scheme to solve the problems of the people of Delhi — a one-time settlement scheme.” The chief minister said his government works for the people, and mocked the opposition BJP by claiming that they had ”overlooked” the issues of the people and were reduced to three or eight seats in the assembly.

Thousands of crores in revenue have ”got locked” in this scheme, he said.

This scheme is so good, it was passed last June and should have been implemented immediately. It’s been eight months but these officers have ”refused to do it”, he claimed.

”Today, the situation is that this scheme has to be brought to the Cabinet. It will get implemented if the Cabinet approves it. For this, the (Delhi) finance secretary has to give his comments,” Kejriwal said.

The finance secretary, however, has written that he won’t give comments, the chief minister alleged.

When the Delhi urban development secretary was asked about it, he said he was ”awaiting comments” from the finance secretary, Kejriwal added.

”A senior bureaucrat even shed a tear, saying it’s ‘a matter of our jobs, we are being threatened’,” Kejriwal alleged.

”When I asked who was threatening them, he said, ‘higher-ups’. You know what higher-ups mean … If they pass this scheme for the people of Delhi, then they shall be suspended … Why (do) they keep fighting for the Services (department), as their intentions are wrong,” he said.

The chief minister claimed that officers are being threatened that they will be suspended or fired or sent to jail or central agencies will be ”set after them”.

”A serious constitutional crisis has arisen (here) as officers have put it in writing that they will not work. If they do this, how will the government run? Can it run for even two days? Does it behove the Centre and the BJP that an elected government has been brought to such a state?” Kejriwal asked.

”And, who all are behind it? The BJP is behind it. The BJP hates the people of Delhi,” he alleged.

When the people of Delhi are sad, BJP members feel happy; when they get sick, BJP members rejoice. They (BJP) want to ruin Delhi, Kejriwal alleged.

They tried to obstruct health services, rents weren’t paid for many mohalla clinics but as long as ”your son Kejriwal is alive, Kejriwal will stand like a wall in front of the BJP”, he said.

During his nearly 15-minute-long address, he also sought to humour Leader of Opposition Ramvir Singh Bidhuri on the issue.

He said there will be a massive agitation by the people if the one-time settlement scheme for correcting water bills is not implemented in Delhi.

If it can’t be achieved the straight way, ”we will have to take the difficult route (‘seedhi ungli se ghee nahi niklegi toh ungli tedhi karni padhegi’)”, he said.

”You keep obstructing work, we will keep doing it,” Kejriwal asserted.


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