She didn't let conventions dictate her future as a doctor

12:52 PM May 05, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

I come from a small village called Shirlal in coastal Karnataka. From a very young age, my parents encouraged me to try new things and explore the world.


But people in my village are still stuck with gender biases and stereotypes and my parents had to hear endless taunts for not having a son.

We are a middle-class family, my parents were farmers who owned a small business. Despite the financial hardships, they made sure I and my sister get the best education.

When my dad bought his first bike,I learned to ride it along with him. My father also encouraged me to drive big vehicles like cars and trucks.

After completing school, they encouraged me to become a doctor, I took a BDS course, and became a dentist. Later,  I did my postgraduation in Prosthodontics.


I have attended several conferences, and conventions, my relatives and neighbors were in shock and also taunted my parents for letting their children travel the world.

I got married at an age when I was doing well in my profession and my husband has also been very supportive of my career.

I opened a dental clinic near my house and also treat people in a government hospital. During this time I gave birth to my older daughter but that was never a threat to my career. With the help of my family, I managed the roles of a mom and a doctor really well.

After 2.5 years I gave birth to my younger daughter and people were back with their taunts saying that my family was unlucky as we do not have a single male child. Before her birth, they even suggested I eat certain things to have a son.

Till today when parents come with their daughters to my clinic they ask what is the point of her education if she gets married, I make them understand how a daughter can be no different from having a son.

I owe my success to my parents and my husband who have encouraged me to break all the barriers of the society.


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