Sidhu hits back at Punjab AG, accuses him of subverting justice

04:33 PM Nov 07, 2021 | PTI |

Chandigarh: A day after Punjab Advocate General A P S Deol accused Navjot Singh Sidhu of spreading misinformation and obstructing him, the state Congress chief on Sunday hit back, alleging that the AG’s “earnest inaction” was subverting justice in the sacrilege and drug cases.


The advocate general had on Saturday accused Sidhu of obstructing the functioning of the state government and his office, and “spreading misinformation to gain political advantage”.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, Sidhu lambasted Deol, saying “justice is blind but the people of Punjab are not”.

“Mr. AG-PUNJAB, Justice is blind but people of Punjab are not. Our Congress party came in power with a promise to give justice in Sacrilege Cases, in which you appeared before the High Court for main conspirators/accused persons and made serious allegations against our Govt,” he said.

“Today, you are representing the same Government of same political party in power and accusing me of spreading misinformation, whereas, I am fighting for justice in Sacrilege cases and you were procuring blanket bails for the accused persons,” Sidhu said in another tweet.


The Punjab Congress chief has been opposing Deol’s appointment as the state advocate general. Deol had represented former Punjab DGP Sumedh Singh Saini in cases related to the 2015 post-sacrilege police firing incidents.

“A person of character does the right thing for right reason with right motive. Your earnest inaction is clearly subverting justice rather than ensuring it,” Sidhu alleged.

In another tweet, Sidhu alleged that Deol had prayed for transferring the investigation to the CBI as “you were afraid of their false implication in sacrilege cases on accounts of malafide, malice and ulterior motives on the part of political party in power in the state of Punjab”.

“May I know which interest (vested or otherwise) were you acting for when you appeared for the main conspirators and procured blanket bail for them and which interest, you are acting now,” he asked.

A month after announcing his resignation as the state Congress chief, Sidhu withdrew it on Friday. However, he said he would re-assume charge only after the state government replaced the advocate general.

“Are you acting at the behest of those who appointed you in this constitutional office and fulfilling their political gains,” Sidhu said on Sunday, targeting Deol, who is considered Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi’s choice for the post of the AG.

“Did you advise the government to challenge the blanket bail order procured by you or any other adverse order in sacrilege cases in Supreme Court,” he asked.

“You appeared for the accused, now representing the State and very soon you will seek elevation as a judge so that you can decide this case. Being the highest law officer, your focus is on politics and political gains,” Sidhu hit out at Deol.

He further asked Deol to leave politics to the politicians and “focus on your personal conscience, integrity and professional ethics, which your job requires”.

Pointing at the STF report in the drug cases, Sidhu said, “In the hearing of Drugs case in High Court on 05.10.2021, upon being asked that what is stopping Govt. for taking action on the basis of STF Report filed in High Court, you replied that ‘It would be ethically wrong to proceed in the matter without the Court’s Nod’.” On Friday, Sidhu had questioned the Channi-led state government over the steps taken for the delivery of justice in the cases of desecration of the Guru Granth Sahib and drug trafficking.

“May I know what is unethical in proceeding against the accused persons on the basis of STF Report who are responsible for narcotics-terrorism in Punjab and has put India’s most prosperous state in danger of losing an entire generation to drug abuse,” he asked.

“Did Hon’ble High Court stop you? Hon’ble High Court itself gave a copy of the STF report to our Government for consideration and you are shielding the inaction of the Government under the guise of your own unknown Ethics,” Sidhu said.

“I believe that Ethics is about the way things ought to be, not about the way things are. Ethical people often do more than law requires and less than it allows. When it comes to ethics, motive is very important,” he added.


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