"Slumdog Millionaires": Artist uses AI to reimagine Billionaires into impoverished figures

05:44 PM Apr 10, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

The viral artificial intelligence trend has taken over the internet in recent times. People from all walks of life are using modern artificial tools to come up with mind-blowing results. An artist has used an artificial intelligence art generator to reimagine the world’s richest persons as poor and the results are jaw-dropping.


Artist Gokul Pillai shared seven pictures generated by the AI tool ‘Midjourney’ that show what billionaires would look like if they were in slums. The post on Instagram features Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Mukesh Ambani, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk.

He captioned the pics as “Slumdog Millionaires”. Since being shared the post got 10,410 likes and several comments.

“Only their clothes are dirty and they aren’t , feels like they just came for a special photoshoot,” a user commented.

Another user was alarmed by the possibility of using the AI for “character assassination”. “Midjourney is honestly scary if you think about how evil people who desire to assassinate someone’s character would use it. As an artist it excites me but looking into the future it scares the crap out of me,” the user wrote.


Some wanted more Indian leaders included in the pictures. One user wrote “Modi reh gya bhai” in reference to PM Narendra Modi, while another asked Mamta banarjee, kejriwal aur rahul gandhi kaha hai?” 


Written by Saptak Mukhopadhyay, Journalism student, MIC, Manipal 

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