Sri Vishwaprasannatheertha Sripada of Pejavara Math visits BB Keri

09:41 AM Sep 26, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

Mysuru: Sri Vishwaprasannatheertha Sripada of Pejavara Math visited the residents of BB Keri and spoke to the residents there.


During the 36th Chaturmasya event, the Chaturmasya committee received a directive to emphasize fostering harmony with Dalits and backward classes. This directive was part of a series of religious, social, and cultural programs aimed at raising religious awareness and strengthening bonds within the Hindu society. The event took place in BB Keri layout.

In preparation for Sri’s visit to the BB Keri layout, over two hundred houses adorned their front yards with vibrant rangoli designs, saffron flags, Bhagwadhwaja flags, and flower garlands along the main roads.

As Sri arrived, the air echoed with slogans like “Jaishreeram,” “Ayodhyapati Sri Ramchandra Bhagwan Ki Jai,” “Bharat Mata,” “Sanatana Dharma Jaikars,” “Vande Mataram.” The entire community, including boys, Nasik band members, women, and young girls carrying Poorna Kumbha kalashes, welcomed Sri with great enthusiasm.

The entire BB Keri layout buzzed with excitement. Sri began his visit by visiting five houses, lighting the brass Sri Rama lamps provided by Sri Math in each home, adorning the portraits of household deities with flowers, and performing the Mangalarathi ritual. The homeowners reverently poured water at Sri’s feet, offered Kumkum, and performed Okuli rituals. Sri also presented fruits and warmly engaged with each household’s members, inquiring about their well-being.


Sri encouraged everyone to continue lighting the Ram Deepa every evening and recite the Rama Mantra in anticipation of the construction of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. He stressed the importance of providing children with a good education and upholding rituals. Sri emphasized the need for maintaining harmony, unity, and religious consciousness within Hindu society and living together in peace and tranquility. He regarded this as the strength of Hindu society and a collective duty.

Sri expressed great joy in witnessing the clean and devoutly maintained spaces dedicated to worship in every household, with idols of Gods and Goddesses receiving heartfelt devotion.

Later, Sri visited the Pattaladamma Devi Mandir and conducted the aarti. Sweet prasads of Lord Krishna were distributed to all households.

The program was efficiently organized by Dr. Anand Kumar of the Social Justice Forum, along with local figures Nagendra and Vaman Rao of Dharma Jagrana, Nityananda Girisha, and others. Hindu leaders such as Arun Kumar Puttila of Puttur, M. Krishnaraja Puranika, leader of Chaturmasya Samiti, Ravi Shastri, and friends like Vishnu Acharya, Krishna Bhat, and Vasudeva Bhat, along with Srinivasa Prasad, actively participated. Additionally, Shri’s Shastra students lent their support and cooperation.


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