Standing in line for rich people earns this man Rs 16,000 per day

10:05 AM Jan 17, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

‘Get in line,’ is a phrase that millions of people around the world have become accustomed to hearing on a near-daily basis.


We’re talking about the lines that can be found almost wherever these days.

People form lines outside convenience stores, liquor stores, museums, stadiums, theatres, shopping malls, galleries, and other public areas. Despite the fact that the current pandemic has had an impact on turnout, there have been several instances of panic buying.

We hear about lengthy lines outside booze stores, supermarkets, and shopping centres almost every day.

These are folks who have no choice but to queue in the freezing cold or blistering heat in order to receive what they desire. The same cannot be said for the wealthy and privileged who can hire a professional queuer to get things done.


Freddie Beckitt is a professional queuer who gets £160 or £20 per hour by standing in line for individuals who don’t want to wait. Essentially, he is the person who waits in line for hours to purchase anything from a business. In exchange, he is well compensated.

Because he is a Londoner, the 31-year-old claims that standing in line for long periods of time is never an issue for him. On a good day, he can earn up to £160. However, the work necessitates saintly patience and a level head.

He claims that waiting in line for tickets to famous events is the finest employment for him.

“I worked eight hours for a job queuing for the V&A’s Christian Dior exhibition for some very well-to-do people around their mid-sixties,” the told The Sun.

Further added, “The actual queuing was just three hours but they asked me to collect their tickets too and wait for them to arrive, so I just had hours perusing the V&A museum being paid £20 an hour, it was great,”

His clients, interestingly, range from families to young people who don’t want to wait in big lines.



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