Success in business is achieved through persistence: Poornima Yatish

01:50 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

Poornima Yatish, a businesswoman from Surathkal shares her thoughts on entrepreneurship, its challenges and employment with Naveen Bhat Ilanthil, translated into English by Aaron Dmello


What rule should be followed to achieve success in business?

To achieve success in the field of business, we should love our work. Also time management is important. A good relationship must be maintained with one’s employees.

What are the questions faced when stepping into the field of business? How can they be faced?

If there is persistence, aim and dedication towards the work, there won’t be complications in any field. Currently, the technology field has developed immensely. The work load has reduced. Therefore, difficult situations can be solved easily. But for this, it is essential that one must increase once knowledge base in their chosen field of business.


How are the opportunities in the field of business in Mangaluru which is becoming a Smart City? How can the students take advantage of this?

Education system in Dakshina Kannada is excellent. But, there aren’t enough job opportunities to complement it. In that too, now-a-days the students keep waiting for a job opportunity that suits their wishes, but for that the scope of opportunities in Mangaluru city is less. Therefore, instead of waiting for a particular job, one must join any job available and gain experience and later move on to another job.

What is your advice to youths migrating for job?

 It is far better to work in one’s home town and earn than to migrate for job. If one migrates to another district, state for job, the expenses will more than the income. But the students currently look for the prestige of the job and the place of work. Hence they do not prefer to stay in their home town. But, in this case the loss is more than the profit.

What is your advice to the youth who are hesitant to become entrepreneurs due to the fear of profit and loss?

When running one’s own business, the fear of estimation will always be there. In that too, there is a lack of workers in the current competitive era. One must keep faith and then enter into business. Self confidence to achieve victory after having faced defeat once will make success possible.


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