Sullia: Struggle to control intense forest fire continues

11:13 AM Mar 14, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

A massive fire continues to burn through forests in the Madappadi part of the taluk, causing immense damage to the forest cover. The fire broke out on Sunday and has continued to rage on despite the efforts of the forest department and locals. The fire has spread to the nearby Shiradka and Hadikallu areas, making it challenging to control.


The forest team is struggling to control the fire due to the high intensity and the difficulty of accessing the hilly area. The fire brigade vehicles are unable to reach the remote locations, and the forest team and locals are working together to put out the fire.

Subrahmanya Zonal Forest Officer Raghavendra has informed that dry leaves were moved using blowers to prevent the fire from spreading further.

The fire has already caused significant damage to the forest cover. Dry grass and logs have fueled the spread of the wildfire, making it difficult to control. The fire has reached close to the rubber plantations in the area, causing worry among the locals.

The fire disaster has also affected the Niddo and Hera forest areas of the Subrahmanya zone forest in Kadaba taluk. The fire is burning in thickets and bushes in the Niddo area and is also widespread in the Hera region. Firefighting operations are being carried out in Niddo in collaboration with Puttur Fire Brigade. Officials said that fire extinguishing work is being done with the cooperation of the forest department and locals in Hera area.


Due to the high intensity of the fire in the forest area, it is difficult to collect information about the extent of forest damage until it is fully extinguished, officials said.


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