Sulllia: Lured by Rs 50,000 subsidy, auto driver loses Rs 5,000

11:25 AM Jan 24, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Sullia: An autorickshaw driver lost Rs 5,000 of his hard-earned money after a passenger duped him by offering to help get a huge subsidy from the Social Welfare Department.


The victim, Guddappa Rai, filed a complaint regarding the scam with the Sullia Police station.

As per the complaint, an unidentified person hired Guddppa’s autorickshaw near the bus stand here. On the way, the passenger started talking on the phone about a Rs 50,000 subsidy. Curious about the conversation, Guddappa asked the passenger about the subsidy and how one could get it.

The passenger explained to him that any poor family can receive the Rs 50,000 subsidy from the government by filing an application and paying Rs 5,000 fees. To create a sense of urgency, He also told the victim that it was the last day to send the application and promised to help the clueless auto-driver to file his application.

The fraudster also told Guddappa that his wife worked for the police constable at the Sampya police station to gain his trust.


Guddappa promptly returned to Sullia from Paichar, withdrew Rs 5,000 from his account, and gave it to the stranger along with copies of the Aadhaar card and bank passbook. He then traveled with the stranger to Puttur in his rickshaw.

The passenger asked Guddappa to stop the rickshaw at the government office and went in to inquire about the availability of the officer concerned. When the stranger did not return even after half an hour had passed, Guddappa grew suspicious and went to the office and made inquiries. It was then that he realized that he had been duped.

The claim that the stranger’s wife worked at the Sampya police station was also proved false.


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