Surprise inspection finds liquor, condoms inside school principal’s room in MP’s Morena

05:12 PM Mar 26, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

Objectionable materials, including liquor bottles and condoms, were reportedly discovered during a surprise inspection of a private school in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh, India. Following this, the school has been sealed down by the authorities.


According to ANI, the inspection was conducted by Nivedita Sharma, a member of the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, and the District Education Officer, A K Pathak, as part of a routine procedure.

“We have come here for a routine inspection. But when we inspected the school campus from one corner to another, we were surprised to know how both corners were attached from the inside. Nobody was ready to take us there, so we went ahead and checked. When entered the building, we found out that it was a residential setup. It does not belong to only one person, but more people came out of the building who were living there. It was being used as accommodation,” Nivedita Sharma told reporters.

She said, “Besides, the huge amount of liquor recovered from here surprised us. It is ok that father may have his personal life, but liquor is not allowed on the school campus at all. It is a violation of the law. The excise department is also taking action on the matter as it is also illegal that nobody can keep such amounts of liquor. Some other objectionable stuff including condoms were also found.”

On the other hand, DEO, A K Pathak said, “Whatever Nivedita said, it is completely true. As the madam said that the chambers of the Principal and manager were found attached to the classrooms of children which is highly objectionable. The rulebook does not say that you have built your house and kitchen on the school premises.”


“I saw there was a gas cylinder and other objectionable stuff, including liquor bottles. Police are investigating the whole matter,” he said, adding that he had brought the matter to the notice of the collector.

“The building has been sealed on the basis of an order issued by the district collector,” Pathak added.

The school principal however refuted the allegations and said, “The residential area is out of the campus. There were empty bottles and maybe two bottles were liquor filled. We are not the kind of people who consume liquor.”

(With ANI inputs)


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