Talapady murder: Illegal downloads of banned mobile game PUBG still wreaking havoc

01:46 PM Apr 05, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru: The recent accidental murder of a 12-year-old here has brought to light what was known to many. Banned mobile video game PUBG is available through illegal downloads and is played by many in the mainstream and underground video gaming community.


Apart from the reported academic and financial harm caused by playing the game by legions of addicted gamers, experts opine that much harm is caused mentally by more violent versions of the game.

Dr Anant Prabhu, a Mangaluru based expert in cyberspace and psychology states that these violent games arouse anger, anxiety, and depression in children. These games also promote brutality in them.

Prabhu has also had reports of children secretly using their parent’s credit and debit cards to pay for premium versions of the game.

He cautions parents on allowing children unnecessary usage of mobile phones and asks them to install web blocking apps to prevent their phones misuse.


As per reports, illegal networks of such video gaming communities have been detected in many countries that support and promote downloading and usage of banned video games by gullible children.


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