Texas woman creates world record for having ‘world’s biggest feet’!

12:21 PM Nov 17, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

A ‘big feet’ woman from Texas, USA has registered her name in the Guinness World Records (GWR), for having the world’s largest feet (female).


Tanya Herbert is the woman who created this record.

Tanya who is 6 feet 9 inches tall has a left foot measuring 32.5 cm (12.79 inches), and a right foot of 33.1 cm (13.03 inches).

Her shoe size is US women 18 or US men 16-17.

Taking to Twitter, GWR has tweeted, “Say hello to Tanya Herbert, new record holder for the world’s largest feet!”


Speaking to GWR Tanya said, “Going to the stores was out of the question. None of the stores I’ve ever been to have carried a men’s size 16 let alone a women’s size 18.”

“Growing up I was always the tallest around. My mom was 6 ft 5 in and my dad is 6 ft 4 in so I had no choice but to be tall. My parents gave me a very healthy self-esteem growing up so I didn’t think of being tall as a bad thing. I would always wear tennis shoes or men’s loafers and they were not always the cutest thing trying to dress cute for school”, she said.

“I would buy some of the largest shoes I could find online and manipulate those to extend them out a little longer and make them a little wider so that they would fit my feet”, she added.

Sharing her experience further, she said, “I never remember getting bullied or anything like that for my height. My friends took great care of me to make sure I was loved and liked”.

She said that the only people who didn’t like her growing up were her sports coaches.

“The coaches always wanted me to play basketball or something like that, but I was always more focused on my education”, she said to GWR.

Tanya has also shared her experience with GWR of being on social media and her process of growth.

(With inputs from GWR)


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