Textbook goof up repeats: 8th std Mathematics in Kannada; 9th std Kannada for 10th std

01:57 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

Vitall: Last year, the students did not receive their textbooks in time and were compelled to face their exams without their textbook. However, this year the textbooks have arrived early and yet the students cannot rejoice in light of a goof up in a new avatar.


The textbooks distributed by the state government has is abundant with mistakes. The mistakes include of distribution of Kannada medium lessons in English Medium textbooks, Maths in Kannada textbook and 9thstd textbook for SSLC. Some of the schools in Vittal have encountered this problem with the distribution of the faulty textbooks.

Kannada textbook has mathematics

“Tili Kannada” is the second language textbook for 8th std whose first two pages on “Buddana Salahe” are fine. But, it is immediately followed by mathematics lesson in Kannada medium of the same standard from pages 51 to 66. “Buddana Salahe” lesson however continues from page number 19th. But, after 82 pages, once again drops in mathematics.

The second lesson in Kannada prose section, “Kanasu Matte Sandesha” has completely gone missing. A few pages of the third lesson “Gandhijiya Balya” remain. The last page of the poem “Anveshane” in the poetry section is missing. The poems “Haarida Hakkigalu” and “Jyotiye Aagu Jagakella” have gone without trace. The first pages of “Nanna Hageye” poem are missing with only a small section of the question and answer part remains. In some textbooks, the first page itself in missing. The text books distributed at a private school in Vittal has come across more than 12 textbooks with such flaws.


The textbook had not come!

Last year, there was criticism that even though the private schools and others had paid the money in time, textbooks did not turn up until even until the conclusion of the exams. This year, though the textbooks are available at the beginning of the classes they are however ridden with mistakes. This has terrified the teachers, students and parents alike.

The state government has been supplying the textbook directly to the schools since many years. But the distribution of mistakes ridden textbooks will only increase the confusion, say the parents of the students.

9thstd lesson for SSLC!

The second lesson “Asi-Masi-Krashi” in the SSLC “Tili Kannada” textbook has been replaced with “Aralikatte” lesson of the 9th. The printed material from page 7 to 22 and 87 to 102 are of the 9th std.

The repeating 7thstd lesson!

One lesson has been repeatedly printed in the 7thstd English medium science textbook. The 1st part of the Kannada medium social science textbook has been reprinted on the 2nd part as well.

Did not come into observation

“The mistakes that have occurred in the textbook have not come to our observation. The textbooks are distributed from the godowns to the schools and the teachers handover the books to the students. The mistakes that have occurred now must have happened at the printing facility. We will get those books and examine them,” said Bantwal regional education officer Shivprakash N.


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