"The greatest achievement is an achievement in learning"

03:55 PM Jul 15, 2020 | Team Udayavani |
This is how students who excelled in the second PUC examinations shared their excitement.

Studied with utmost concentration: Ritika Karkala: Ritika Kamath, a student of Jnanasudha PU College, scored 594 (4th rank). She's the daughter of Sudheer Kamath a grocery owner and Geetha Kamath, a housewife. I studied more at home than in college. I devoted 3 to 4 hours a day to studies. I was not under any pressure. This is why I could score more marks, state Ritika.  

Result of constant studying: Swati Kundapura: Uninterrupted studies is the reason for this result. I was expecting some rank but did not imagine I would score 594. Now, there's a celebration around the house, says Swati Pai, 4th ranker from Venkataramana PU College here. Daughter of Shivananda Pai and Shilpa Pai from Ferry Road here, Swati aspires to be a Chartered Accountant. I put a lot of emphasis on practicals and re-studied what I was taught in college. Regular studies was the secret of my success.  

Studied well, hence the rank: Medha Udupi: Medha N Bhat, a student of MGM College, ranked 4th in the state with a score of 593 in Science, said that the rank was possible because of constant and limited studies. Daughter of Narasimha Bhat, CEO of Manipal Dot Net and Shashikala Bhat, Medha has a great interest in English literature and has already published a book of poems in the English language.  

Udupi: Nothing is difficult in the world. Good marks can be achieved through persistent and rigorous practice, says Grishma K, student of Vidyodaya PU College and 4th ranker in Science with a score of 593. She is the daughter of Ambalapadi Kidiyoor's Karunakar and Chandrika. Grishma was constantly studying. The cooperation she received from the college and her devotion to her studies garnered her the rank says mother Chandrika.  

Results are as I expected: Padmini Puranik Kota: Padmini Puranik, a PUC Commerce student of Vivek PU College, ranked 6th in the State with a score of 592. Daughter of Srikant Purnik, Udayavani newspaper's publication division's manager and Madhura Puranik, Padmini dreams of becoming an accountant. I did not fear the exam. I continued playing sports and enjoyed other entertainment along with my studies. I was not into the habit of studying late into the night or early in the morning. I paid more attention to the studies in the college, says Padmini.  

Learning is not a burden: Padmika Udupi: High score can be achieved only if we get rid of the feeling that learning is a burden, says Padmika, student of Vidyodaya PU College and 5th ranker in Science. My rank is a result of the guidance from the administration and my parents. I concentrated more on NEET and aspire to achieve in the field of neuroscience. She is the daughter of Brahmavar's Kushal Shetty and Nishala Shetty.  

Will fulfil all desires: Raghavendra Vitla: Raghavendra, son of Appanna Badiger and Kalavathi Badiger from Mudhol taluk and a student of Sri Satya Sai Lokaseva PU College has scored 591 in Science stream with 6th rank in State. Raghavendra is presently preparing for NEET. He desires to study medicine. His father has taken financial support from many for his studies. Hence, he wishes to work hard to satisfy his father's desire, study and receive the education they desired.  

Disciplined studying: Jagrati Udupi: More important is not how much one has studied but studying with concentration. A disciplined approach to studies makes it possible to earn rank, says Jagrati, student of Karkala's Jnanasudha PU College, who garnered 6th rank with a score of 591. I made the necessary preparation for NEET and desire for higher education in medicine, says Jagrati. She is a resident of Sakleshpura and daughter of K M Jagadish and K J Meenakshi.  

Dream of becoming an engineer: Srishakrishna Vitla: A Sri Satyasai Lokaseva PU College student and son of Sripati Bhat and Umashankari from Karopady village, Srishakrishna Bhat scored 591 in the Science stream and ranked 6th in the State. My scores in English are not as expected. If I get a seat in a good college then I'll pursue engineering else will pursue a degree and choose research, says Srishakrishna.  

Achievement without any coaching: Niriksha Belman: Sri Lakshmi Janardhan International School, Nandalike's student ranked 6th with 591 marks in the PUC Science stream. Karkala taluk's Inna village resident Niriksha lost her father early in her life and was raised by her mother who worked as a beedi worker. She was a topper even in the SSLC exams. She achieved this without any coaching. She is interested in the field of biology.  

Desire to be a CA: Smiti Devdas Surathkal: Smriti Devadas Karkera with a score of 591 from the Govindadasa PU College has secured 7th rank in the State. She is the daughter of Suratkal resident, Devadas Karkera and Yashavanti D Karkera. I dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary. Constantly studied with concentration and face the exam with confidence. I was expecting to come in the top three ranks. The delay in the English exam was a small problem. My father, mother, sister and college lecturer were very encouraging, says Smiti.  

Unique achievement: Apurva Mangaluru: Scoring 594 in Commerce stream securing 4th rank is Apurva, student of Maryhill Vikas PU College. Was not expecting a rank but was sure to score more than 95 per cent. Studied whenever I got the time for it. Encouragement from parents and lecturers was important. I want to study for an MBA, says Apurva daughter of salesman Mohan Poojary and teacher Pratima Poojary.  

Study as per schedule: Prithvi N Hebbar Mangaluru: Prithvi secured 5th rank in Commerce stream with a score of 593. She is the student of Sharda PU College, Kodiyalbail and desires to be a Chartered Accountant. I studied as per the study schedule set by me relied on old solved question papers. All of this was helpful, says Prithvi. She is the daughter of Nagaraj R, retired AGM of Karnataka Bank and Usha N, Senior Manager, Karnataka Bank's Derebail branch.  

Music is a supplement to studies: Prithvi G K Mangaluru: Bosco's PU College student Prithvi scored 592 marks in Science stream securing 5th rank in the State. She is the daughter of Kuvemu University's professor J Keshavaiyya and Income Tax Department officer Shylaja. Very happy. Was not expecting a place in the top 10. Want to pursue medical education. The practice of listening to song increased my interest in learning, says Prithvi.  

Want to study medicine: Anarghya Moodabidri: Alva's PU College student Anarghya K, ranked 5th with a score of 592 in the Science stream. Alva's is an ideal place to study with all the amenities. My father wishes me to study medicine, says Anarghya daughter of Shiva Bhat, a farmer in Karandur, Belthangady.  

Studied as per timetable: Lishan Moodabidri: Lishan A A, a student of Alva's PU College has secured 5th ranks in the Science stream. The instructor guided us well. I studied as per the college's schedule. We were allowed to study from 5 am to 10:30 pm, says Lishan who wishes to do MBBS by appearing in NEET. Lishan is the son of a businessman M R Appanna from Thavur village in Kodagu's Bhagamandala.  

Studying at Alva's bore fruit: Shriya K B Moodabidri: Shriya K B ranked 7th in PUC Commerce stream with a score of 591. I was hoping to score 595. But it doesn't matter I am happy. Alva's gave me the opportunity to get a free education. The opportunity bore fruit. Wish to be a CA, says Shriya. She is the daughter of Puttur's Itturu village's farmer Biju K T. Her mother is an Anganwadi teacher.  

Achieving rank is an inspiration: Disha Hegde Mangaluru: Chaitanya PU College, Kottara's student Disha secured 6th rank in the Science stream. I devoted 2 hours each day to studying. Preparations for competitive exams were very helpful. I was hoping to get a good score, says Disha. She wants to study engineering and is the daughter of the head of the aeronautical department of Srinivasa Technical College, Ramkrishna N Hegde and Satyabhama, an assistant professor in the Mechanical Department of NITK Suratkal.  

Will pursue CA: Raksha Bhakt Mangaluru: Raksha Bhakt, a student of Maryhill Vikas PU College, ranked 7th in the State with 591 marks in Commerce stream. This achievement was made possible by the constant guidance of my parents and college instructors. Next, I want to pursue Chartered Accountancy, says Raksha Raksha's father, K Raghunath Bhakt is a taxi driver in Mangaluru and K Sangeetha Bhakt, a housewife.  

Studies with sports: Amit Anthony Saldhana Mangaluru: Amit Anthony Saldhana of St. Aloysius PU College, ranked 7th in the State in Commerce stream and wants to be a Chartered Accountant. I studied without any pressure. I devoted two hours a day to playing. It helped me remember more of what I studied. Amit is the son of John Saldhana and Irene Saldhana, a resident of Kuttaru.  

Rank was unexpected: Muskan Kundapura: Muskan of Gangoli's Tawhid PU College has ranked 7th in Commerce stream. Muskan says she did not expect a state level rank and was only expecting a good score for which she studied for an hour every day. Next, she wishes to pursue B.Com. She is the daughter of Gangolli resident, Madassir and Asma.  

Happy to secure 7th rank: Priyanka H Mangaluru: Priyanka H, a student of Maryhill Vikas PU College, has ranked 7th in the State in the Commerce stream. I am very happy to have this rank. It is a tribute to my parents and the college I studied in. This was a surprise, despite the expectation that I might get a rank, says Priyanka. She is a daughter of Kasargod resident Harikant K, a cable operator and Shubha.  

Achievement beyond expectations: Sudhanva Shyam S Puttur: Sudhanva Shyam S, a student of Saint Philomena College finished 6th in the Science stream. Sudhanve is the son of Subramanyakumar B, a resident of Ujrupada, Puttur taluk and Sushiladevi S. I studied and memorised lessons taught on the same day. Did not attend any tuition classes. Parents stood as my backbone and the cooperation of the lecturers was important. I desire to be a lecturer.  

Extra-curricular activities: Ritesh Rai M Puttur: Ritesh Rai, student of St. Philomena College has secured 8th rank in the Commerce stream. He is the son of Sivarama Rai and Saraswathi Rai, a resident of Meginaguttu in Sarve village of Puttur taluk. Behind my achievement lies the perseverance of lecturers and parents in addition to my personal effort. In addition to studying, I also participated in extracurricular activities. I got a stress free environment to study. Looking forward to pursuing CA, says Ritesh.  

Studied every day: Ankita C Puttur: I practised the studies the same day they were taught in the class. This achievement is due to my father and mother's cooperation and lecturers' encouragement says Ankita, student of Vivekananda PU College, ranked 7th in Science stream. She is the daughter of C Gangadhar Shastri and Savitri from Sullia's Panja.  

Want to be a CA: Rakshita Karkala: Jnanasudha PU College's Rakshita secured 6th rank in Commerce stream. Studied my lesson on the same day. Preparatory exams helped to score more. Wish to be a Chartered Accountant for which I'm taking coaching at Trisha College, says Rakshita. She lives in Karkala with her uncle and aunt.  

CA is my target: Shravya Mangaluru: St Aloysius PU College, Kodialbail's student Shravya secured 8th rank in the Commerce stream. My accomplishment is the pride of my parents and my college. I studied for second PUC along with CA coaching, says Shravya. She is the daughter of St Aloysius PU College's professor Ravi Shetty and Champa.  

Rank is the result of my efforts: Aditi Prabhu K P Mangaluru: Aditi K P from Kodialbail's Sharda PU College secured 7th rank in the Science stream. She is the daughter of Anil Prabhu, a bank employee in Kuwait and housewife Usha Prabhu. Apart from studying in college every day, I devoted 3-4 hours to studying at home. Was expecting a good score, though not a rank. The good guidance of the lecturers was helpful, says Aditi.

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